What should 12th failed students do? | What can students do after failing 12th?

Parents always encourage their children to study and they want their children to always study well. So that they can always do good work and achieve good positions in their life, but there are some children who do not feel like studying at all and do not like to study. Many children even fail in 12th class (12th fail student kya kare). Which is a very painful and shocking experience for them.

Through this article, we will give you information about what 12th fail students should do (career option for 12th fail student). If you also want information on this subject, then read our article till the end.

What can students do after failing in 12th?

The experience of failing in 12th can be very painful for any child. Children can be very upset that they will not be able to do anything in their future, but why should children not think like this. There are many ways even after failing in 12th. By which they can give themselves a restart and can do a lot of good things in life in future. Information about what can be done after failing in 12th is given below through points.

Decide on a new direction:

If the child is not interested in studies and does not want to study, then the child can decide his direction. Through which he can achieve a good position in future apart from studies. Apart from studies, there are many fields in which the child can make his career. For example, the child can test himself in computer, graphic designing, real estate fashion designing or many other fields and start his career.

Focus on a self-motivated career:

We should not be disappointed after failing in 12th class. We should get information about our interest. We should pursue our career according to our interest and the things we like. For example, if you like singing a lot and you want to sing, then you can take your career forward in singing. Which you also enjoy doing. And you also focus on that work with full hard work and dedication. Therefore, it is important that you focus on a self-motivated career.

Prepare for university:

There are some exams which a child can give along with 12th class. To give such exams, it is very important that you have made good preparations. If you have prepared well, then you can give such exams along with 12th. Such as SET, NDA, IIT courses. If you have failed in 12th class, then you can prepare for university along with it through these courses. And if you pass the competitive exams for these, then you definitely get admission in the university as well.

Develop skills:

After failing in 12th class, students get this opportunity to develop their skills in a good way. Children just need to recognize their skills. After which they can achieve a lot in their life and can do many new things, the child just needs to recognize the power within himself. The child can get training and coaching according to his ability and can do his work accordingly. By getting training in different fields, he can become more capable and can achieve the highest level of success.

Marketing and Distribution :

Nowadays you can choose yourself as a career to sell and broadcast the things sold in the market. Whatever things you send, you yourself are responsible for selling those things. Through online marketing, you provide information about your goods and try to send them. Through this new method, you can take your career to greater heights and pursue your career at a very high level.

How can students who failed in 12th class re-apply for the exam?

How can the children who have failed in 12th (12th fail student reapply kaise kare) reapply for their exam. Information about it is provided to you below through points. According to the rules in UP Board exam, it is stated that if a child fails in any two subjects other than Hindi exam, then he can apply for his compartment exam. It is necessary for the children to pass the Hindi exam. If the child fails in Hindi only, then he will not be able to apply for compartment in any subject.

Understanding of school or board policies:

The student should have a complete understanding of the policies of his school or board. He should read the guidelines given by the board carefully and get information on this subject. Whether the child is eligible to give compartment exam or not. If the child is eligible to give compartment exam, then only he can give compartment otherwise he is not allowed to give compartment.

Apply for re-examination :

If the child is eligible to re-apply for the exam then he needs to prepare all his application forms in advance. You should prepare all your application forms before the application date comes. And as soon as the application date is announced by the board. You should immediately act on it and apply for the re-examination.

Contact the local education department:

Many times even after a lot of explaining we do not understand how we can apply again. If you do not have complete information about it then you can get this information from the local education department. For that you have to go to your nearest education department, they will give you complete information and will tell you how you will be able to apply in it.

Prepare the required documents :

Children need to prepare the necessary documents. They should know in advance what documents are required to apply for the exam again. Prepare all those documents in advance so that you do not face any problem while applying for the exam form. And you can attach all these documents in your exam form properly.

Modify the situation:

We need to understand the situation very much. We already have it in our mind. We should make up our mind that what kind of exam we are going to give on which day and how much effort we will have to put in to give the exam. Taking guidance from all these things, we should prepare for our exam and after understanding the situation, we should work for it.

Re-examination document for 12th failed student

Children who have failed in 12th and want to apply for the exam again (12th fail student ke reexam documents). What documents are required for those children and what documents should be there. Information about it has been provided below through points.

  1. Exam Application Form: An application form is issued for every exam. All your personal information is filled in this application form. Like your name, father’s name, your qualification and your address, your form is applied only on the basis of the information filled in this application form.
  2. Results of previous exams: All the academy exams you have given in the past. The mark sheets you have received in all these academy exams are required. This mark sheet is attached with your application form and uploaded on the online website.
  3. Aadhar Card: This is an important thing for applying for the exam. Aadhar Card is important for your identity. Therefore, it is necessary to wear it.
  4. Birth Certificate: A birth certificate is issued to know your birth status and date of birth. This birth certificate is very much needed to fill the examination form.
  5. Scholarship letter: If you are getting a scholarship in your class, then you need to attach that letter. This will give you information about your scholarship.
  6. Caste Certificate: Caste certificate is required to identify different caste categories. Caste certificate is not issued for general category people. Caste certificate is issued for scheduled caste, scheduled tribe and other backward class castes. It is necessary to attach it.
  7. Photograph: Photograph is required for re-examination and to download the admit card. So we should keep our photographs ready in advance.
  8. Application fee: There is a provision of application fee for some exams. This application fee has to be paid. Only then our exam form is considered completely complete. Otherwise, without paying the application fee, our form is not considered complete.
  9. Required Information: This is considered a general list for applying. Apart from these documents, some other documents may be issued and demanded according to your exam, so you are required to attach your local exam form.

Questions and their answers related to the topic (FAQ)

Q. What other exams can we take along with the 12th exam?

Along with giving 12th exam, we can give CUT, NDA, IIT exams.

Q. What other things can we do if we fail in 12th?

Even after failing in 12th, we can do jobs like marketing, fashion designing, computer designing, real estate etc.

Q. What documents do we need to apply for the exam?

To apply for the exam we need things like Aadhar Card, Caste Certificate, Examination Form, Birth Certificate, Scholarship Letter, etc.

Q. Which children cannot apply for re-examination?

Those students who fail in Hindi subject cannot apply for re-examination.

conclusion :

Through this article, we have tried our best to give you information about what should 12th fail students do? (12th fail student kya kren). If you still have any questions in your mind, you can ask in the comment box by commenting. The information provided by our article is absolutely solid and accurate. If you like our article, then you must share it. Thank you for reading our article completely.

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