What is energy? What are the sources of energy?

Friends, energy plays a very important role in our life. Without energy, no living being on earth can be able to do any kind of work, but we do not know about the things we use around us. Similarly, we do not know about the various types of powers formed within our body. Many of you will not have any information about energy. If you want to know about energy, then through this article we are telling you in detail about Urja kya hai? Urja ke strot kya hote hai? etc.

Let us tell you that it is only through energy that a person is able to speak, walk, do any work, etc. The formation of energy in our body is a biological process, but energy can be of different types. But in today’s time it is very important for all of you to have information related to energy. So that you are able to reach this information to others. In this article, we are telling you all about What is the energy? What are the sources of energy? etc. To get more information related to this, all of you have to read this article till the end.

What is energy?

Friends, before getting information about the source of energy, you must know what energy is. That is why we are telling you all about what is the energy? Friends, we all do different types of activities in our daily life. We all need energy to complete all these activities.

Without energy none of us can be able to do any work. Without energy we cannot do any of our daily activities like cooking, walking, running, sitting, speaking and driving etc. This is the reason that energy helps us to maintain our existence on earth.

Friends, energy is the only thing that enables every person present on earth to earn a living. Without energy, it is not possible for any living being to survive or do any activity. We all get energy from different types of sources, about which we will tell you in detail in this article.

What is meant by the source of energy

Friends, you all have got information about energy above, but the question arises that what is meant by the source of energy? Let us tell you, the source of energy from which we can get energy for a long time. That is what we call the source of energy. If a source cannot provide you enough energy for a long time, then we cannot keep it under the source of energy. At present, you get to see different sources of energy on our earth, but all the sources have been classified into different parts.

Classification sources of energy?

Friends, there are different sources of energy. But if seen in the main, then the energy sources are divided into two parts. Non-renewable sources and renewable sources which we also know as conventional sources and non-conventional sources of energy. We have given you all the information about the sources of energy below, from which you will get complete information about energy. This complete information is as follows-

Non-renewable sources of energy

Friends, there are some sources of energy which take a very long time for nature to create. Also, once these sources are exhausted, they cannot be recovered. Such sources of energy are called non-renewable sources of energy. Non-renewable sources of energy are known as traditional sources of energy.

These sources are being used by us since ancient times, through them all living beings present on earth get a sufficient amount of energy. Non-renewable sources include wood and fossil fuels such as: – coal, petroleum and natural gas and products made from it etc.

Fossil fuel: –

Friends, as we all know, there are many living creatures in nature, which die and remain in nature and after some time get buried inside the ground. Natural fuel is formed from these remains after several thousand years.

Natural fuel can be obtained by digging the ground, the fuel obtained by digging is called fossil fuel. Electricity is generated through fossil fuel. Therefore, it is considered the biggest source of energy for generating electricity. Coal, petroleum and natural gas etc. come under fossil fuel.

Renewable sources of energy

Friends, there are some sources of energy which are continuously created by nature and even if these sources are continuously used by living beings, they do not get exhausted. These sources are called renewable sources of energy. Along with this, they are also known as non-conventional sources of energy.

Friends, these sources of energy do not depend on the burning of fossil fuels. As you all know, the amount of fossil fuels is very limited on the earth. That is why we all need non-conventional sources. At the same time, non-conventional sources are a very good option to reduce environmental pollution because environmental pollution increases through fossil fuels.

Hydroelectric energy

Friends, hydroelectric energy is a type of energy source. Which comes under non-conventional energy source. Through this, flowing water is used and electricity is produced. Friends, the electricity produced from the energy of flowing water is called hydroelectric energy.

This source of energy can never be exhausted because it is based on the energy of flowing water. Also, there is no pollution in our environment by generating electricity in this way.

Wind energy

Friends, just as we have used the energy of flowing water, the electricity produced by using the energy of flowing wind is known as wind energy. Electricity can also be produced through wind energy.

There is no environmental pollution by using wind energy technology. Through this, we can save all the fossil fuels for future use by using them little by little. Also, this is such a source of energy that cannot be exhausted.

Solar energy

Friends, by the name of solar energy, you must have understood that we are going to talk about the sun here. You all know that the sun is the source of all kinds of energy. Light, heat and energy are provided to every living being for free by the sun. This is the reason why we all know the energy produced from the sun as solar energy.

To use solar energy, various devices like solar cooker, solar water heater and solar cell etc. were invented by various scientists. With the help of all these devices, all living beings can use solar energy in all the activities of our daily life. We can get this energy directly through these devices.

Biomass energy

Friends, before understanding biomass energy, you should know what is biomass? So let us tell you, dead trees, plants, animals and their waste material are called biomass. Everyone must be aware that biomass is an organic substance. Which can be used by all of us as fuel. The energy derived from them is known as biomass energy. The best example of biomass energy is cow dung cakes.

Geothermal energy

Friends, before telling you about geothermal energy, let us tell you the meaning of the word geothermal. In the word geothermal, Geo means Earth and thermal means heat. As we all know, hot rocks are found inside the earth. Through which a lot of heat is generated. This energy is known as geothermal energy. Electricity is produced by using this energy which does not cause any kind of environmental pollution and can be used for a long time.

A quality of good sources of energy?

Friends, as you have learnt above that some sources of energy are good, some are not good, but how can you prove that one energy source is good and the other is not. Let us tell you, for this it is necessary to have some qualities in an energy source. We have told you all about these qualities in the following manner-

  • A good energy source should provide large amounts of energy.
  • The energy source which is cheap and easily available is considered a good energy source.
  • The energy source which is easy to store and can also be transferred easily is called a good energy source.
  • Energy that is easy and safe to use.
  • That energy source is considered a good energy source which does not pollute the environment.

What are energy sources? Questions and Answers related to this (FAQs):-

Q:- 1. What is energy?

Ans:- 1. Friends, we all do different types of activities in our daily life. We all need energy to do all these activities. It is only through energy that we are able to cook, walk, speak and work etc. That is why it is very important for every living being on earth to have energy.

Q:- 2. What is meant by source of energy?

Ans:- 2. Friends, sources of energy are those things which can provide sufficient amount of energy to all of us for a long time. There are various sources of energy on our earth, from which we all get energy and we are able to do all our work.

Q:- 3. How many parts is energy divided into?

Ans:- 3. Friends, the sources of energy are mainly classified into two parts. First – non-renewable sources, which we also know as conventional sources and second – renewable sources, which we also know as non-conventional sources.

Q:- 4. What are the conventional energy sources?

Ans:- 4. Friends, traditional energy sources are those which are created by nature for a very long time and due to excessive use they get exhausted and cannot be recovered. Fossil fuels like:- coal, petroleum and natural gas are traditional energy sources.

Q:- 5. What are non-conventional energy sources?

Ans:- 5. Friends, non-conventional energy sources are those which are continuously produced by nature and do not get exhausted even after continuous use. Also, they do not pollute the environment. Wind energy, hydro electric energy and biomass energy etc. are present under non-conventional energy sources.

Q:- 6. What are the qualities of a good energy source?

Ans:- 6. Friends, it is very important to have some qualities under a good energy source. If you want to get information about their qualities, then we have given you all the complete information about the qualities of a good energy source in the above article through some main points. You can get this information from there.

Q:- 7. From which energy sources can electricity be obtained?

Ans:- 7. Friends, non-conventional energy sources such as:- hydroelectric energy, wind energy, biomass energy, geothermal energy and solar energy are used to obtain electricity. Electricity is produced through all these. At the same time, our environment is not polluted by the use of all these.

Conclusion:- Friends, today through this article we have given you all detailed information about what is Urja? What are the strengths of Urja? etc. Energy is an unshakable truth of our life, without it we cannot be able to do any work.

Therefore, all of you should get information related to energy. For those who did not get this information, this article of ours would have proved to be very beneficial for all of them. We hope that all of you must have liked this article given by us. If you liked this complete information, then you must tell us by writing in the comment section. Also do not forget to share this information with all your needy friends.

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