What is BTech course | How to become an engineer

B.Tech is the best way to progress in the field of science and technology. If you want to become an engineer, you can become an engineer by completing the B.Tech course, the B.Tech course is of 3 to 4 years. Today in this entire article we will give you complete information about B.Tech, what is B.Tech? And how to do B.Tech.

You must be well aware of how important education has become in today’s time. Competition has also increased a lot in today’s time to lead a better life, that is why your career depends on your education. And in such a situation, it is also necessary to be concerned about education.

Because if you focus on education at this time, then your future will definitely be bright and better. After passing 10th and 12th, most of the students are very worried about their future, that is why today in this article we are going to give complete information about B.Tech.

What is B.Tech course

You must have heard the name of B.Tech, nowadays every child wants to become an engineer, but do you have complete information about B.Tech course, so let’s know? What is B.Tech? B.Tech is an undergraduate engineering course and this degree is regulated under the All India Council for Technical Education and National Board of Accreditation, and after doing this course you get a degree and you can get this degree after studying engineering for 3 or 4 years from any recognized college or university,

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What is the full form of B.Tech

What is the full form of B.Tech

The full form of B.Tech is Bachelor of Technology, and in Latin language it is also known as Baccalaureus Technologize.

B.tech Course Duration

There are two types of B.Tech course time duration –

  • If you want to do B.Tech course after passing 12th then this will be your 4 year course.
  • If you take admission in B.Tech course after completing Polytechnic Engineering then you have to do 3 years B.Tech course and this type of admission process is known as Lateral Entry

B.Tech Course

There are many types of courses in B.Tech as well, so let us know what are the courses in B.Tech –

B.Tech popular courses

  • Electrical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Computer Science Engineering
  • Petroleum engineering
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Electrical and Communication Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Agricultural Engineering

So let us now know about some popular courses in some detail-

Computer Engineering

In today’s time, most of the students prefer to take this branch. In this branch, you are told about technology related things and with this branch, you can become a Software Engineer and Hardware Engineer.

Now if you become a Software Engineer then your job will be to make Mobile Application, Desktop Application and Web Application. And if you become a Hardware Engineer then your job will be to make computer hardware such as Motherboard, keyboard, desktop etc.

Civil Engineering

Civil branch is a very good branch. In this branch, students are taught construction related work. Nowadays students are more interested in construction, such as roads, buildings, dams, power plants, bridges etc. That is why in today’s date, civil branch is considered very good. Every child dreams of becoming a civil engineer and achieving good mastery. In this course, maximum practical knowledge is given so that the child can easily understand the construction work practically.

mechanical engineering

Mechanical course is also considered very good. In this course in the line of engineering, every work is explained to you in mechanical terms. In simple words, you can take the example of a bicycle. All of you must have ridden a bicycle in your childhood, so it is a part of mechanics. Without studying mechanics, you cannot make an invention like a bicycle.

That is why every child dreams of doing mechanical engineering and making big machines. It is said that children with mechanical engineering get jobs very easily because every company wants to launch a new machine or product.

Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering: By reading the name of this course, you must have realized that you have done Electrical Engineering. Yes friends, you thought right, in this course, electricity is taught.

Now if I want to give an example of what you can do after studying electrical engineering, then its examples are- you can work in thermal power plant, transformer house wire and many other works. And if you are very good in studies after doing this course, then you can also make new things like you can invent a new type of bulb or something else.

Eligibility Criteria for B.Tech

The eligibility criteria required for B.Tech are given below-

  • If you want to take admission in B.Tech, then first of all your 10+2 education is important and that too from PCM background.
  • After that, if you take admission in a good college, then you have to give entrance exam, so it is mandatory to have more than 60% marks in 12th. If you want to take admission in B.Tech even after doing diploma, then also you can easily take admission in B.Tech.
  • Along with this, you will have to stay connected with technology and at the same time you will also have to stay updated with the new technology.
  • To pursue B.Tech course, the age of the candidate should be between 17 to 23 years.

B.Tech Entrance Exam

Now the first thing that comes to mind is, what is this B.Tech Entrance Exam and why is it held? After 12th class, many children want to become engineers and want to pursue their education from a good college, so there are less seats in good colleges for education. So that is why an Entrance Exam is conducted to get admission in it, in that Entrance Exam, only the syllabus taught in 11th and 12th is taught.

Best B.Tech college and fee structure

Name of the CollegeFees
IIT Delhi8.33 lakh
IIT Madras 8.19 lakh
IIT Kanpur 8.32 lakh
IIT Roorkee 8.38 lakh
IIT Hyderabad 8.79 lakh

B.Tech Job Profile

  • Mining Engineer
  • Ceramics Engineer
  • Robotics Engineer
  • Software Developer
  • Lecturer/Professor
  • Data Security Officer
  • Information Technology Engineer
  • Applications Developer
  • Design Engineer
  • Network Specialist
  • Construction Engineer
  • Telecommunication Engineer

FAQs On What is BTech course

Which was the first engineering college in India

The first engineering college in India was established in 18147 as Thomsaon College of Civil Engineering in Roorkee, also known as IIT Roorkee.

What is the fee for B.Tech?

B.Tech fees are different for every college and university. Generally, it ranges between Rs 50,000 and Rs 70,000.

How many years is B.Tech?

B.Tech is an engineering course which is done after 4 years.

Can I do BTech after 10th?

No, you cannot do B.Tech directly after 10th. Because to do this course it is necessary to pass 12th.

How many marks are required to do BTech?

To do B.Tech, it is necessary to have approximately 45% marks in 12th.


Today a large number of students like to do engineering. But how to do BTech? Due to lack of proper information about this, they are not able to do this course. Therefore, today in this article, we have shared all the information related to BTech course? | How to become an engineer? | Eligibility, fees, salary. I hope that the information given will be good for you.

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