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In today’s time, our country is continuously moving towards technology. In this era of technology, new software is being used continuously in everyday tasks because technology has become an important part of every person’s life in today’s time. Some of these programs are very beneficial in business and personal life. In this, AutoCAD is a very famous and well-known software. That is why in this article, we have given you all detailed information related to AutoCAD such as: – Autocad kya hota hai? How to learn Autocad in 2024? etc.

Friends, many young people are interested in doing courses like interior designing from the very beginning, but they do not have much information related to it. If you guys also want to gain knowledge related to software and want to make your future in this field, then you must get information about it because without getting information, you cannot achieve success in any field. That is why we are telling you all about What is Autocad? How to learn Autocad in 2024? in this article today. Do read this article till the end.

What is AutoCAD

Friends, many of you must have this question in your mind that what is Autocad? Because there are many young people who have not even heard about Autocad. That is why we are telling you here first about What is Autocad? Friends, Autocad is a type of software. Which is used by engineers for various types of plans.

AutoCAD is used by engineers for tasks such as building plans, architectural design, construction and manufacturing etc. This is why AutoCAD is also called a drafting application. Software development and marketing is also possible through AutoCAD. The basic file format of AutoCAD is .dwg. The full form of AutoCAD is Automatic Computer Edit Design.

The person who uses AutoCAD is known as a doctor. Students have to do a course to learn AutoCAD, but only those people should do any course related to AutoCAD who are interested in interior engineering and engineering. AutoCAD is a type of 2D and 3D computer et drafting software application. It is named after its function because it automatically understands the command given by the user.

History of Autocad

History of Autocad

Friends, let us take a look at the history of AutoCAD. AutoCAD was created by Autodesk Company and it was also launched in the market by Autodesk Company. It was the first CAT program. Which was made to run under personal computer. Friends, the technical term AutoCAD is derived from the program. Which was started in the year 1977.

Earlier this software was referred to as MicroCAD under Autodesk document. The first version of AutoCAD was first demonstrated in Congress in 1982 and it was released in December. This is an excellent software, which is capable of doing automatic work. To use this software, a person must have complete knowledge of this software.

It is believed that as Autodesk’s flagship product, by March 1986, AutoCAD had become very popular and up to date all over the world. If we talk about 2019, then the 33rd major version of AutoCAD was released for the Windows operating system. The drawings made by this software are made in great detail.

How to learn Autocad in 2024

Friends, this question must have come to the mind of all of you that if you want to learn AutoCAD software, then how can you learn it? That is why we have told you here how to learn Autocad in 2024? If you have decided to learn something, then nothing is impossible for you because in today’s era, we and you have internet facility available all the time.

In today’s world, even though a person can learn anything with the help of the internet, there are many things that you cannot learn even with the help of the internet. One of these is AutoCAD software. If you want to learn AutoCAD software, then for this you will have to do any course related to it easily. Only then will you be able to master this course.

Friends, if you want to get admission in AutoCAD course, then you can get information about AutoCAD software from any famous college or college near you. Under this course, you are given more practical knowledge instead of theoretical knowledge. So that you can learn to run AutoCAD software. The duration of this course is very less, but you can do this course only after passing 12th class.

Eligibility for Autocad course

Friends, to do AutoCAD course you have to fulfill some eligibility. If you do not fulfill these eligibility, then you will not be able to get admission in AutoCAD course. That is why we have told you all about Eligibility for Autocad course? below-

  • If a candidate has passed class 10th and wants to make his future in the field of AutoCAD, then he is able to do AutoCAD certificate course. But for this it is mandatory to pass class 10th with good marks.
  • AutoCAD course can be done by students even after passing 12th class. For this, all of you have to get 60% marks in 12th class.
  • There are some special courses of AutoCAD, for which the student must have a diploma in civil engineering or graduation in any subject.
  • Students who have completed Diploma in Civil Engineering or two years of Graduation are considered eligible to take admission under CAT Diploma Course.
  • If a student has completed a 3-year civil engineering diploma or has completed a civil engineering degree, all such students are able to do a master diploma course or an advanced course in the field of AutoCAD.
  • If you fulfill all the above eligibility then you can able to get admission in AutoCAD course.

Autocad courses

Now it must have come to the mind of all of you that what are the courses under AutoCAD, which you can do. Many candidates do not have any information about this. That is why we are telling you all about Autocad courses below-

Autocad certificate courses

You are able to do AutoCAD certificate course after completing 10th class. Information about some certificate courses in the field of AutoCAD is as follows-

  • Certificate in Autocad
  • Advanced course in CADD
  • AutoCAD
  • Advanced Autocad course

Best Autocad course

Some of the best courses in the field of AutoCAD are given below-

  • Introductory Autocad course
  • Autocad graphic creation
  • Diploma in Architecture Engineering
  • Intermediate autocad course
  • Advanced Autocad course
  • Bachelor in planning
  • Autocad training
  • Mechanical engineering diploma
  • Diploma in civil engineering
  • Bachelor in architecture

Post graduation courses related to Autocad

For those who have completed their bachelor’s degree, there is an option of post graduate courses related to AutoCAD. If you want to know about post graduate courses, then we have told you all about it in the following way-

  • Master of planning
  • Master of Architecture landscaping architecture
  • M. tech in machine design

Other courses for Autocad

  • Advance Autocad course for civil engineering
  • Autocad construction drawing
  • Kid and digital manufacturing specialization
  • Autodesk CAD for manufacturing specialization
  • Autocad Electrical from scratch
  • The complete Autocad
  • Autocad courses 2D and 3D
  • Learning Autodesk Autocad crash course
  • 3D modeling system piped in Autocad

Time period of Autocad courses

Time period of Autocad courses

Friends, now this question must have come to your mind that in how much time interval Autocad courses are completed, so here we are telling you all about the Time period of Autocad courses? The duration of certificate Autocad courses can be from 2 months to 6 months.

On the other hand, AutoCAD Diploma Bachelor and Master courses are completed in between 2 months to 6 months, that is, we can say that you do not need to devote much time for AutoCAD course. It gives you practical knowledge in a very short time and makes you master the AutoCAD software.

Fees of Autocad courses

To get information about AutoCAD software, all of you do AutoCAD course, but to do AutoCAD course from a good institute, you have to pay fees to the institute. If you do AutoCAD course in a government college, then you have to pay less fees, whereas the fees of AutoCAD course in a private institute are quite high.

Generally, to do AutoCAD software courses, you have to pay a salary of ₹25000 to ₹50000. Apart from this, the fee for different courses may vary and this fee varies in different colleges. If you want to get the exact information about the fees of any course, then get this information from the institute from which you are thinking of doing this course.

Career scope after doing the Autocad course

Friends, a person does any course only when he sees his future bright in this field. Similarly, if you guys want to do AutoCAD course, then you should also know about that course. We are giving you complete information about the career scope here. This course opens various job opportunities in the field of design

Although the time interval to complete this course is very short, but through this one can get a very good job in the field of civil engineering, architecture and designing. In which the youth get a very good package. When a person does this course after doing B.Tech in civil engineering, then he gets a very good job.

At the same time, he can be able to understand all the information related to interior designing in the best way. AutoCAD course can prove to be a good course in itself because it is capable of giving a new shape to your future. By doing this course, youth can get employed in various types of positions. We have told you about it below-

  • Architectural drafter
  • Civil engineering Autocad
  • Map 3D modeling
  • Interior design Autocad
  • Mechanical drafter
  • Computer design technician
  • 3D modeling manager
  • Autocad manager

Benefits to learn Autocad

Friends, if you learn AutoCAD software, you get various types of benefits. We are telling you all about the Benefits to learn Autocad? below-

  • Under this, you are given the skill of making drawings and diagrams in the computer. This skill provides the ability to do jobs and business in various fields like electrical, mechanical, architecture and civil draft etc.
  • The designs made by the youth can be easily shared with another person. For this, a person can use cloud storage.
  • The measurement in AutoCAD is very precise. With its help, you are able to make changes to the basic shape as well as check your related credo.
  • It also displays the dimensions of the design created. Along with that, it also displays those points very well which we cannot display with the help of handwriting design.
  • Although making any changes in a handwritten design requires the drafter to create a new design, with the help of inbuilt tools in AutoCAD, the drafter is able to make changes in the design already created by him.
  • With the help of AutoCAD software you are able to get a good job in any field as well as earn a good salary.
  • In this way, you can learn how to run AutoCAD software and enjoy many benefits.

Salary after doing the Autocad course

The youth who does AutoCAD course gets a very good package annually. If you want to know how much salary you get after doing AutoCAD course, then we have told you about it below. When a person does B.Tech with Civil Engineering. Along with that, if he also does AutoCAD course, then he gets a very good salary.

He can get a package of ₹3 lakh to ₹8 lakh per annum. The youth who do diploma in civil engineering and pursue this course, their salary is ₹5 lakh per annum. Even better salary is given to ITI students. Also, this salary increases on the basis of experience.

What is AutoCAD? How to learn AutoCAD in 2024? Related Questions and Answers (FAQs):-

Q:- 1. What is AutoCAD?

Ans:- 1. AutoCAD is a type of software designed to run on a personal computer. It is an automatic software that automatically understands the commands of the input data. It is used by engineers in various types of plans such as:- building plans, architectural design and construction etc.

Q:- 2. What is the full form of AutoCAD?

Ans:- 2. Friends, AutoCAD is a type of 2D and 3D computer aided drafting software application. That is why the full name of AutoCAD is “Automatic Computer Edit Design”. The basic file format of AutoCAD software is .dwg.

Q:- 3. How to learn AutoCAD?

Ans:- 3. It is not possible to learn AutoCAD through online medium, but to learn AutoCAD software, you can get complete knowledge of it through a course. Nowadays AutoCAD courses are conducted in various types of institutes. In which you are provided with practical knowledge of AutoCAD.

Q:- 4. How to get admission in AutoCAD course?

Ans:- 4. Friends, to get admission in a government institute to do AutoCAD course, you all have to give an entrance exam, but if you get admission in a private institute, then for this you should have good marks in your previous class. On the basis of that you can get admission in AutoCAD course.

Q:- 5. What is the fee for AutoCAD course?

Ans:- 5. If you want to get information about the fees of AutoCAD course, then you should get this information from the institute from where you are thinking of doing this course. Usually you may have to pay fees ranging from ₹ 25000 to ₹ 30000. The fees of these courses may vary in different institutes.

Q:- 6. What are the benefits of learning AutoCAD?

Ans:- 6. Friends, after learning AutoCAD software, you get to see various types of benefits. If you want to get information about their benefits, then we have told you all in detail about the Benefits of autocad courses? in the article above.

Q:- 7. How much salary do you get after learning AutoCAD software?

Ans:- 7. After doing AutoCAD course, the salary of the youth depends completely on their posts. After doing this course with B.Tech course, their salary ranges from ₹ 3 lakh to ₹ 8 lakh per annum, while after doing this course with diploma in civil engineering, one gets ₹ 5 lakh per annum salary and this salary increases on the basis of experience.

Conclusion:- Friends, under this post, we have told you all about complete information related to AutoCAD software like:- What is Autocad? How to learn Autocad in 2024? etc.

If you people did not have any information related to AutoCAD, then this article of ours must have been very beneficial for all of you because we have explained the complete information related to AutoCAD in detail in this article. We hope that you liked this information given by us. Do not forget to share this article of ours with all the needy people.

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