What is an experience letter | What are its benefits

Friends, you must have understood a little about this article by reading the experience letter. Today we are going to tell you about the experience letter. Experience means experience, it is needed when you go to a company for a job. If you want to get detailed information about it, then we are telling you all in detail about Experience letter kya hota hai? Experience letter fayde? etc. under this article.

On the basis of experience letter, a person gets a good job in another company. This experience letter is received by any person from his old company, on the basis of only an experience letter, a person is given a good position and a good salary. That is why experience letter is very important, that is why we are telling you all about What is Experience letter? What are the benefits of an Experience letter? under this article. Read this article till the end for more information.

What is an Experience Letter

What is an Experience Letter

For this, we give you all information about the experience letter here. Experience letter is known as Anubhav Patra in Hindi. When a person works in a company and now he does not want to work in that company, he first gives his resignation to the owner of the company. After this his resignation is accepted. After the resignation is accepted, whatever work has been done in the company, its experience letter is provided to the person by the company.

If you are looking for a job somewhere else and want to work at a good salary and good position, then you must show your experience letter while applying in any company. On the basis of this experience letter, you will be given some work according to your previous work. Experience letter definitely comes in handy some time or the other in the future. With its help, your chances of getting a job increase because it contains information about the characteristics of your work.

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Why is Work Experience Letter Important

Work experience letter is very important for those who get a job at a good position because any experience letter claims that you have worked in a company, at which level, for how many years. Along with this, it also contains information about your skills and knowledge. Only on the basis of this experience letter, any company will be able to evaluate you and will also be able to give priority to giving you a job in their company.

What should a work experience letter contain

Work experience letter becomes a very important document. Some important things are displayed under it. That is why we have told you all in the following manner what should be in the work experience letter.

  • Letterhead:- Any person’s work experience letter should be written on the company’s letterhead. This ensures that you have worked in that organization. The letter makes any work experience official or authorized.
  • Date of issue: – Along with this, the company should write the date of issue of the work experience letter in the second line on the top and right corner.
  • Employee Details:- Employee details are important in the work experience letter. This includes his knowledge, skills, responsibilities and tenure.
  • Employee’s conduct:- Under this, managers record their negative and positive feedback. The feedback is recorded as per the behavior of the employee.

Format of Experience Letter

Format of Experience Letter

Any experience letter should be written under a proper structure so that it looks official. That is why we have given you all the information about its format as follows-

company’s name

Company Address

City, State, Pin Code

phone number

Email address


name of employee

Employee Address

tenure of the employee

Roles and responsibilities of employees


Under this, a detailed description of the entire information of the employee is given. Under this, information from his tenure to his role, responsibility, skills and knowledge etc. is recorded and the positive response by the CEO of the company is described so that the employee can be successful in the future.

name of employee

position of the employee

signature of employee

company seal

Samples of Experience letter

We have provided you all with samples of experience letters related to some fields as follows. Which can prove to be very beneficial for you. This information is as follows-

Experience letter for ITI field

company’s name


City, State, Pin Code

Date of issue of experience letter

name of employee



For those to whom it relates

Subject:- Work Experience Letter

This letter confirms that (employee’s name) has worked with (company name) as an IT professional in an IT company from (starting date) to (last working date). During his entire tenure, (employee’s full name) has demonstrated his knowledge, skills and solution capabilities as well as his strong dedication to the company.

He has played an important role in making various schemes successful.

On behalf of the entire company, we wish (employee’s full name) all the best for his future.

Your name

Your position

Your contact information

Experience letter for teacher

name of school

school address

email id

phone number

City, State, Pin Code

date of issue

name of employee

designation of the employee

Employee Address

Employee phone number

For those who can relate to this

Subject :- Work Experience Letter

It is certified that (Full name of teacher) has worked as a teacher under (School name) from (Joining date) to (Last date). He has given a new form to education in the school through his special teaching methods and has also demonstrated his passion for education. Along with promoting the personal development of students, he has also paid full attention to creating an attractive teacher environment. All the responsibilities of the school have been carried out by the teacher in a very good manner.

On behalf of the entire school community, we appreciate the performance of (teacher’s full name) and wish him/her continued success in the future.

Full name of the Principal

post of principal

Complete contact details of Principal

Apply for Experience Letter Certificate

Now you people have got a lot of information related to Experience Letter. Now all of you must have this question in your mind that how to apply for Experience Letter Certificate? So let us tell you that this is also a very important section. About which we have given you detailed information as follows-

You have to send a mail to the company, school or organization you work under, explaining your concern to them in detail. While sending the mail, you have to make sure that you have mentioned your tenure to your reporting manager.

  • If you see that your entire matter is not being handled by the reporting manager, then you can also take up this matter with HR.
  • The company, school or organization you are working under, you have to complete all its formalities in a proper manner and ensure that any lengthy formalities create hindrance in the process.
  • Apart from this, the person has to preserve his job slip along with his pay slip.
  • After this you also have to send a reminder email and tap on communication.
  • Next, you need to make sure you maintain the integrity of your organization.

Why is experience letter important

Why is an experience letter required? We are giving you all detailed information about this because it is a very important document. Its information is given in the following manner-

  • Whichever company you go to work in, that company needs an experience letter from you. Wherever you attach your experience letter, the company looks at your work knowledge, skills and experience in that experience letter.
  • On the basis of experience letter, you are given a job at a good position by another company and along with that, you are given an increased salary as compared to before.
  • You get an experience letter only when you want to leave the company you are working in and apply for an experience letter. After getting an experience letter, you get various job opportunities as well as there are more chances of getting a good salary.
  • The experience letter contains a detailed description of your work, knowledge, skills and responsibilities etc. You have to keep this letter safely as it is very useful in the future.

What is an experience letter and what are its benefits? Questions and Answers (FAQs) related to it:-

What is an experience letter?

This is a type of letter, which is known as Anubhav Patra in Hindi language. It contains details of the work, abilities, skills and responsibilities of any person and the person receives this letter from that organization, company from where he is going to leave the job.

What should be included in an experience letter?

It is very important to have some important things in the experience letter. First of all, it should be written on the letterhead. After this, the date of issuance, details of the employee and the conduct of the employee should also be written in it. Only then will it be called an official experience letter.

Why is an experience letter required?

Experience letter is required for getting a new job. On the basis of this, you can get a job at a good position and a good salary. Employees are given preference over other employees on the basis of experience.

What is the format of experience letter?

It is very important to get information about the format of the experience letter. In this, first of all information about the organization is given. After this the subject has to be written and then information related to the employee is entered. In this way the experience letter is completely prepared. As we have also shown in the article above.

Who writes the work experience letter?

The work experience of any person is written by the company in which he works or by HR. To write your experience letter by HR, first of all the information is collected by the reporting manager. After this your experience letter is prepared.

Does experience letter include salary?

Yes, the employee’s salary should be formally mentioned in the experience letter. According to this, higher salaries are offered to employees by the companies.

How to apply for experience letter?

Those who want to apply for experience letter, must read this article completely because we have given you all the detailed information related to how to apply for experience letter. Which can prove to be very beneficial for you.

Conclusion:- Friends, today we have given you all complete information related to experience letter under this article. For those who want to get detailed information about experience letter, in this article we have given you information about Experience letter kya hota hai? Experience letter ke fayde? Experience letter ka format etc.

We hope that you all liked the information given by us. If you liked this information, then definitely tell us by writing in the comment section and also do not forget to share this article with as many people as possible.

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