What is a biometric passport? How does a biometric passport work?

More than 10 years after biometrics came into existence, about 120 countries have started using it as a unique form of identification. Biometric passport is a passport that provides high security and convenience. There are many benefits with it. But people do not have any information about it. That’s why people take it carelessly. First of all you have to get complete information about biometric passport. Only then you will be able to understand its importance. In this article, we have given you information about Biometric passport kya hota hai?

Friends, a biometric passport is very different from a normal passport. The biggest difference between a biometric and a normal passport is the chip. Everything can be scanned through a chip in a biometric passport. But you will be able to know about it in detail only then.

When you get complete information about it. To give you all the information about biometric passport, we have explained in this article about What is Biometric passport? Benefits of a Biometric passport? Features of a biometric passport? When you get this information. Then you will get an idea of ​​the importance of biometric passport. For more information, read this article till the end.

What is a Biometric passport?

Friends, many people do not have any information about biometric passport, so first of all we are going to tell you all about What is a Biometric passport? Biometric passport is also known as e-passport. This passport contains various details like a regular passport but all these functions are technically sophisticated. In today’s time, this passport is very popular and useful.

There is an RFID chip inside the biometric passport, which stores data related to your name, date of birth and country of origin. Under the biometric passport, you get to see biometrics like face detection, fingerprint and iris scan. This passport provides a lot of protection from fraud and identity theft. If a person travels internationally, then this biometric passport will be a very protective passport for him.

Whether your passport is biometric or not can be known by looking at the cover of your passport because the passport which is biometric has a golden symbol at the bottom. Malaysia was the first country to issue biometric passports in 1998. Under the US, these passports were first introduced in 2006 and were adopted as standard in August 2007.

Benefits of biometric passport?

Friends, there are various benefits of having a biometric passport. But those who do not know about biometric passport. They will not know about its benefits. That is why we want to convey this information to you. So that awareness related to biometric passport spreads as much as possible. Below we have told you about the complete benefits of Benefits of a Biometric Passport? This information is as follows-

  • Everyone gets many security features inside the biometric passport.
  • Your biometric passport cannot be used by scammers and terrorists.
  • The entire data stored in your biometric passport is much more difficult to duplicate compared to data stored on paper.
  • At the same time, a person who has a biometric passport can enter any country through the e-passport gate.
  • When a person wants to enter another country through a biometric passport from an e-passport gate, a computer at that gate checks his passport and face detection technology will be used to match your face with the face in the passport.
  • A person gets all the benefits given above only when he can get a biometric passport.

Features of Biometric passport?

There are various features of Biometric passport, which is very important for all of you to know because if there is no feature in anything. Then it cannot be different from other things. That is why if you want to know how a biometric passport is different from a normal passport, then we have told you all about its features. That is why we have told you all about the Features of Biometric passport? below. This complete information is as follows-

  • The chip present in the biometric passport has a memory of 64 kilobytes
  • The holder’s photograph and fingerprint are present under this.
  • The embossed holographic graphics on biometric passports change colour when held under a light.
  • Your entire biometric data is kept on file within the electronic passport.
  • Your iris is scanned to make your documents more secure.
  • Your color snapshot and digital signature.
  • This complete passport has all the features given above. Due to which it is different from other passports.

Security features of biometric passport?

Biometric passport is not a candidate. But it reduces many threats. The security features of biometric passport are very good. Due to which many problems are eliminated. If you people want to know what are the security features of biometric passport? So below we have told you all about the Security features of Biometric passport? This complete information is as follows-

  • Active authentication has been used under biometric passport, through which it is possible to protect the passport from being duplicated.
  • Changes made to the chips can be detected through passive authentication.
  • Basic Access Control (BAC) is used to secure the communications path between the biometric passport reader and the passport chip.
  • Under this passport, you get the security of Expanded Access Control (EAC). Under this, fingerprint and iris scan are additional security measures for information.
  • Metallic mesh protection is provided in the passport as the passport has to be kept open for scanning.
  • Each time the microchip is accessed and permission to access data is granted, a random UID is generated, which serves to prevent tracking.
  • You get all the above security features only under an electronic password.

Uses of a Biometric passport around the world?

What is a biometric passport How does a biometric passport work

Biometric passport is a great boon for the entire country. That is why it is being used all over the country today. Let us know how Biometric passport is being used in the world? Biometric passport is being used by many countries to greatly improve the facility. Various types of security features are seen under biometric passport. Due to which problems like identity theft, duplicate copy of passport etc. can be eliminated.

If a traveler currently has a passport issued on or after 26 October 2006, he or she must obtain a biometric passport to enter any nation. The United States has made the possession and use of e-passport mandatory for individuals entering the nation through the Visa Waiver Program. Traveling becomes very easy through this passport.

This passport is being used for identification all over the world. But with its help your identity remains completely safe. So that your identity cannot be stolen in any way. This passport does not contain complete information. Also, this information cannot be copied easily. This passport is being used by many countries all over the world. In today’s time, having an e-passport is both safe and necessary.

How does a Biometric passport work?

Friends, how does a biometric passport work? You should also know about it. Only then will you be able to use this passport properly. But people have very little information about it. That is why we have told you all about How to work a Biometric Passport? in this article. So that you people can know how to use a biometric passport properly and you can also get information related to it. This complete information is as follows-

  • A 64 kilowatt chip is installed in your e-passport. An antenna is attached to it, which stores all your information.
  • With its help, passport can be scanned very quickly and easily.
  • It is completely different from a traditional passport because its date cannot be changed.
  • Through biometrics, the physical characteristics of every person can be analyzed.
  • All the data that you provide digitally to get an e-passport is stored in the chip of the e-passport.
  • All the work given by us above comes under e-passport and this is how the work is done through e-passport.

What is a biometric passport and how does it work? Questions and Answers (FAQs) related to it

Q:-1. What is a biometric passport?

Ans:-1. Biometric passport is also known as passport. It is a type of technical passport. Under this also you get to see most of the details like a normal passport. In today’s time, it is a very useful and popular passport.

Q:-2. How to find out whether you have a biometric passport or not?

Ans:-2. If a person wants to find out whether his passport is biometric or not. So he can find out by looking at the cover of his passport. If there is a gold camera at the bottom of the cover of your passport, then it is a biometric passport.

Q:- 3. Are Indian passports biometric?

Ans:-3. Yes, all the passports issued after 2021 are biometric passports. If any Indian person makes a passport or gets his passport renewed, then he will get a biometric Indian passport.

Q:- 4. What are the security features of biometric passport?

Ans:-4. There are many security pictures under biometric passport. Keeping security in mind, facilities of fingerprint, face detection and iris scan have been provided under it. Along with this, all the information has been stored under a chip.

Q:- 5. What are the benefits of biometric passport?

Ans:-5. You all get to see many benefits of biometric passport. Your identity is not stolen through biometric passport. At the same time, it becomes very difficult to duplicate your entire data.

Q:- 6. How does biometrics work through passport?

Ans:-6. If you want to get this information, then we have explained above how to work a Biometric passport? Through which you can get this information.


Today, under this article, we have told you all in detail about Biometric passport kya hota hai? Biometric passport ke fayde? Biometric passport ki visheshtaye? etc. After reading this article of ours, you all must not have had any problem regarding ordinary passport and biometric passport. We hope that all of you must have liked this information given by us very much. If all of you find this information given by us beneficial, then you must tell us by writing in the comment box. Also do not forget to share this article with all needy friends.

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