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Often we have seen around us that children who work hard in studies and study well, always get good marks and are praised by the family, they are able to do good things in their life too. But you must have seen some children who are not able to perform well even after working hard, if they are asked the reason for it, then they tell (Pada hua kaise yaad rakhe?) that they do not remember what they have studied.

Through this article, we will tell you tips on how to remember what you read. If you also want information on the subject, then read our article till the end.

How to remember what you read forever

How to always remember what you read

Below we have provided you information about how we can remember the things we have read (Pada hua kaise yaad rakhe). If you are also suffering from this problem and you also want to remember what you have read, then you can follow the tips given below.

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Read with understanding:

It is very important for any person that whatever subject you are studying, you must have a complete understanding of it. If you start reading things without understanding them, then you will have difficulty in memorizing them and it will also be difficult to remember them. A lack of knowledge has been seen in many children, due to which they try to memorize their subject by rote learning. But the method of rote learning is absolutely the wrong way.

If you want to understand any topic and read it, then first of all we should read and understand the smaller topics around it. Only then we can understand that big topic. We should always start studying in our own language so that we develop a good understanding of things.

Repeat as much as possible:

After memorizing any topic, there is a great need to revise it. If you do not revise it, you will not have difficulty in remembering it and you will be able to remember it easily.

Teachers also tell us in the classroom that after reading a topic, we must revise it after 2 days. If we keep revising it continuously, then we never forget that topic and we can easily write it in our exams.

So if you want to remember things, then one of its basic mantras is that you should repeat the topic you have studied again and again so that there is no chance of you forgetting it.

Divide into smaller pieces :

If you want to remember a topic easily, then you need to memorize it by dividing it into smaller pieces. If you divide a large topic into smaller pieces and then try to memorize it, then you will be able to remember it easily.

If you memorize everything in small pieces, you will be able to remember things easily. Memorizing everything in pieces may take some time. But if you memorize things by adopting this method, you will understand your topic in a better way and you will not have any problem in memorizing things.

Try to relate things to your surroundings:

If you want to remember something, then it is important to connect the topic with your daily life while memorizing it. If you read by relating things to your daily life, then you can easily remember your topic.

If you have memorized the topic by connecting it to daily life, then you will not have the problem of forgetting it. Because we are not able to forget the topic studied by connecting it to daily life because that thing is always around us. Memorizing things by connecting them to our daily life proves to be very effective. If you adopt this method, then it is the best method. With this, you remember your topic quickly and you do not forget it again and again.

Study in the morning:

We are told by our teachers and parents that we should study in the morning. When we wake up in the morning, our mind is completely fresh and whatever we remember in the morning, we remember it easily.

To remember any topic, it is necessary that your mind should be absolutely calm and fresh, so that you can remember the thing easily and you do not forget it again and again, hence the morning time is wasted.

In the morning, the mind of the children is absolutely calm and the surrounding environment is also calm. Due to which there is no disturbance during studies and the child is able to remember his topic easily.

Keep the environment calm while studying:

It is important that we keep the environment around us absolutely calm while studying. Only if the environment around us is calm, we will be able to concentrate on our topic and remember it easily.

If we sit to study in such an environment where there is a lot of noise and your attention is repeatedly going towards those things, then your mind will wander to the surrounding things and you will not be able to concentrate properly on your topic.

You will also have difficulty remembering in such an environment. Therefore, you should try to keep the place where you are studying completely quiet so that no one disturbs you. And the noise from outside does not reach your ears.

Memorize what you read by writing it down:

If you have memorized any topic and you try to memorize it by writing it down, then this is the best way. By using this method, you will memorize your topic quickly and you will not have the problem of forgetting it again and again.

The topic which you have memorized after understanding it, you should try writing it down again and again in your own language on a rough copy. When we memorize our memorized topic by writing it down, we find flaws in our topic and what else we need to study. If we write down that topic once on a copy, we will not forget that topic easily and we will remember it for a long time. Therefore, memorizing by writing is the best method.


It is not enough to memorize any topic and then leave it. If you want to remember that topic for a long time and want to perform well in your exam, then it is important that you revise that topic.

If you do not revise the topics you have studied behind then you will not remember anything of the past. You will keep studying ahead and the topics behind you will keep becoming black. Therefore it is important that you revise the topics you have memorized.

Teachers tell children that after memorizing a topic, we should do its first revision after 2 days. After revising for two days, we should do the second revision after 8 days. And after that, it should be done after 1 month.

After revising a topic three times, you never forget that topic. That is why it is important that you revise the topics you have studied.

Do not force yourself to study:

Many times it happens that we do not feel like studying at all. But under the pressure of family members, we force ourselves to study. If we do not feel like studying, then we should not sit to study.

We cannot remember things just by sitting with a book all day. If we are not able to study our topic with full concentration, then neither will we remember it nor will we be able to remember it. Therefore, there is a need to study and memorize any topic with full concentration.

So whenever you feel like it and when you are completely focused on studying, then only you should sit to study. If you don’t feel like it, then you can play for a while or entertain yourself somewhere else. And when you feel fresh, then you can continue your studies.

Do exercise, meditation and pranayama:

If we want to keep ourselves healthy and strengthen our mind everyday, then we need a daily exercise. Doing daily exercise makes the body healthy and also benefits the mind. To remember and memorize the memorized topic, concentration of the mind is required. Which we can increase through exercise and meditation.

Every student should try to wake up early in the morning and after waking up do meditation and pranayam as exercise. Doing this increases the concentration of the mind. And the things studied are remembered for a longer period of time. By exercising, the flow of energy in the mind and body happens rapidly and our body remains energetic throughout the day. This also keeps our blood circulation fast, which makes it easier for you to study and understand things.

Eat almonds to keep your brain sharp:

If children want to keep their brain sharp, they need to strengthen their brain. For this, it is necessary that they consume the necessary nutrients. If they consume the necessary nutrients, their brain remains sharp and they also find it easy to remember things.

Almonds have many nutrients that provide energy to our brain and strengthen it. That is why children who are unable to remember their topic for a long time need to eat almonds.

Questions and their answers related to the topic (FAQ)

Q. What should we do to strengthen our brain?

To strengthen the mind we should do pranayam, meditation and exercise.

Q. Which nutrients are required to strengthen the brain?

The nutrients necessary to strengthen the brain are found in almonds, hence we should consume almonds.

Q. Why should we not sit down to study forcefully?

By studying forcefully we do not remember anything and we just keep sitting with our book.

Q. What is the easiest way to remember the topic?

The simplest way to remember a topic is to repeat it again and again.

conclusion :

Through this article, we have tried our best to give you information about 11 tips on how to remember what you read forever (Pada hua kaise yaad rakhe?). If you still have any questions in your mind, you can ask in the comment box by commenting.

The information provided by our article is absolutely solid and accurate. If you like our article, then you must share it. Thank you for reading our article completely.

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