How to prepare for competitive exams

At present, competition is increasing a lot. Because most of the people are preparing for competitive exams. If you are preparing for competitive exams to go into any field. So there you get to see a very large number of people. But still you have to be a part of this competition. Because you want to get a good job or position. There will be some children who will now start preparing for competitive exams. So this article is very important for them. Today we will tell you how to prepare for competitive exams? You will get complete information about this in this article.

Everyone must be preparing for some competition in today’s time. So the children who are about to start preparing for the competition. They must have this question in their mind that how do we prepare for Competition Exam? In view of this question, today in one of our articles, we have told you how to prepare for competitive exams? We have told you in detail about the complete information related to this. If you are also preparing for the competition and want to know how you can prepare yourself in a better way? So this article is going to be very beneficial for you. For more information, definitely read our Lekhpal Tak

How to prepare for Competition Exam

We all know that competitive exams are completely different from our school and college exams. We need to work harder in competitive exams. In today’s time, most of the youth are engaged in preparing for competitive exams. So that they can get a good government job. We have given you detailed information about Competition Exam ki tayari kaise kare? below.

See the syllabus of Competition Exam

Take out the syllabus of the competition you are preparing for and read it carefully. And get information related to the syllabus from people around you. This will help you understand which subjects questions are asked from in your exam. Then you can take your preparation in that direction. Discuss the syllabus with someone senior to you who has already cleared the competition.

Syllabus proves to be an important part for every exam. Because only syllabus gives you this information. What type of questions from which type of subject you will get to see in your competitive exam. You will get topics in the syllabus. Through which you can read your syllabus topic wise. Which will be very beneficial for your competitive exam.

Make your own time table

Make your own time table

When you understand the syllabus very well, then you need to make a time table for your studies. It is necessary to make a time table to give time to each subject. We all know that self study is very important to pass any competitive exam. You should make a time table in a good way so that you can cover the topic of each subject properly and give your time to each subject.

You should give more time to that subject in which you feel that you will have to work very hard and you do not know that subject at all. Give more time to that subject according to the timetable. By making a timetable, you will be able to use your time well. Along with this, you will be able to take out enough time for your other work as well. Therefore, a timetable is very important for competitive exams.

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Collect the Exam Material

Friends, nowadays there are excellent coaching centers in every field for every competitive exam. If you join a coaching center, then you are provided study material through the coaching institute. Study materials are very beneficial because the study materials provided to you by the coaching institute are made in the best way keeping in mind that particular competitive exam.

You will have to find a good coaching institute to prepare for your competitive exam. So that you can benefit from the exam material given by that person. That is why we told you that you will have to join a good coaching center. Through which you will have to collect exam material. Because this exam material is very important for your competitive exam.

Use the pattern

When we prepare for any competitive exam, we have to make our own notes for it. While making notes, you have to keep in mind how many things are written in the books. You have to write them in a short way in your own notes and mention the important things in your notes through points. Do not write anything in detail in your note.

By using this pattern, you can prepare very good notes. These will help you a lot in revision at the time of competitive exams. With their help, you are able to pass many upcoming competitive exams. Short notes are a very important part of studies.

Divide the course into small parts

When we look at the syllabus of competitive exams, it is very big. Many times students get scared while preparing for competitive exams after seeing such a huge syllabus. But you don’t have to do this. If you are preparing for competitive exams, then for that you have to divide the syllabus into small parts. You should sit and study the topic of each chapter one day at a time.

And start studying them in small parts. Also, do not take the stress of such a big syllabus. This way your entire syllabus will be completed by the time of the competitive exam. That is why we have told you to divide the course into small parts. So that you can easily complete the course without stress.

Select the perfect place

If you are taking coaching but do not study at home, you will not be able to pass the competitive exam. Along with coaching, you have to do self study at home as well. For this, you need a place which is quiet and where you can study very well. If you want to study well, then you should study by sitting in a quiet and focused place.

If there is no such place in your house, then you can go to a library near you and study. Because only that place can one study where there is a study environment. Otherwise our mind keeps wandering. If you are also preparing for a competitive exam, then you must also select a suitable place.

Solve the previous year question paper

Friends, when we prepare for competitive exams, we study diligently in the beginning. But if we do not solve the questions and answers related to it, we do not have confidence in ourselves and everything we have studied seems useless. That is why you must solve previous year question papers. Solve questions related to the topic you keep studying. This will increase your confidence towards that topic.

By solving previous year question papers, you get to know from which topic most questions are being asked and how many questions you are able to solve. Because the paper in your competitive exam will be of the same level and in the same pattern. If you solve the previous year question paper well, then you do not need to panic about the upcoming exam. The more question papers you solve, the more your confidence increases.

Form a group with friends

When you complete the syllabus of your competitive exam, discussion is a very important part so that you do not forget it. By doing group discussion with friends, you get to know the things that you do not know and the things that you know get revised. Also, you should include those people in the group discussion who are preparing for competitive exam like you.

If you are facing difficulty while solving any question, then during the time of group discussion you can discuss that question with your friends. When you do group discussion, you get some such questions whose answer you do not know. This will give you an idea of ​​how your preparation is going and how much more preparation you need to do.

Never Study Under Stress

Friends, studies cannot be done under stress. We all know this. If you are stressed about anything, then you cannot study. No matter how much concentration you put on your studies. If you want to study very well, then you have to be mentally strong and focus on your studies without any trouble and stress. For this, you have to stay away from stress.

We are told in every household that we should keep our mind open for studies. Studies can never be done with a closed mind. If you are studying while being under stress, then you do not understand anything. Also, if you put too much emphasis on studying, then your health can also deteriorate and you know that it is necessary to be physically and mentally strong to study.

Study hard

You know that you cannot pass any competitive exam unless you prepare for it with hard work and dedication. If you want to pass your competitive exam without hard work then it is impossible. You have to work hard to pass competitive exams because competitive exams are completely different from school and college exams. In which nothing happens by studying for just one day.

No matter how much scholar you are in your student life, unless you work hard, you cannot succeed in passing your competitive exam. Therefore, you should keep working hard and diligently regularly and always keep in mind that why did you think of passing this competitive exam? In this way you can maintain your consistency.

How to prepare for a Competition exam without coaching

At present, there are coaching centers in every area. And students take the help of coaching centers to pass their competitive exams, but there are many students who are not able to join coaching centers. For such students, we have given many tips below. By following which, they too can pass their competitive exams. These tips are as follows-

Strong self-confidence

If you want to pass your competitive exams, then it is very important to have strong self-confidence. If you do not make a firm resolve for anything, then it will be impossible to pass it. If you are not taking coaching anywhere, then you should not let your confidence drop. Rather, you should trust yourself that you will pass this competitive exam without a coaching center.

If you are not full of confidence while preparing for a competitive exam, you will not be able to pass it. If you lack confidence, you will forget even the questions you know while giving the competitive exam. So have faith in yourself. Also, be determined that you will pass your competitive exam.

Important books related to the syllabus

If you are not studying in a coaching centre, then you will have to buy books related to your competitive exam. Because if you do not have these, then you will not be able to make your own notes. Children who join coaching centres get study material through the coaching centre. But if you do self study, then you have to make study material yourself.

To get the appropriate books related to the syllabus, you have to go to the book depot. And collect the related mock papers, previous year question papers and books etc. So that if you need any material later, you can get it with you. You do not need to go anywhere again and again. In this way you can concentrate on your studies.

Make a perfect time table

If you are preparing for competitive exams without a coaching center, then you should use a timetable. It can prove to be very beneficial for you. If you give time to your subjects according to the timetable and study them carefully, then you will not miss any subject. Also, your entire syllabus will be covered. The timetable has a very important role in the timetable.

If you use the timetable, you can study Hindi, English, GK and Science etc. in detail and at the right time. Actually, you can strengthen your preparation by studying the topics within the subjects present in the syllabus in detail. After that you will need to solve previous year question papers. After this, you will definitely be successful in your competitive exam.

Make notes yourself

If you are studying daily according to the timetable with the help of books, then you also need to make short notes with your own hands. If you make short notes yourself while self-studying, then you should keep in mind some very important things. These things are as follows-

  • While making notes, you have to write the topic point wise. Otherwise you will get confused in the paragraphs.
  • When you are narrating short notes, use very simple language in making them. So that you do not have to face any problem while revising.
  • You can make short notes and convert them into voice notes and listen to them while working whenever you get time. This will help you remember the notes very quickly.
  • When you make notes of any one of your topics, you must read it immediately after that. This will make it easier for you to remember those notes.

How to prepare for competitive exams? Questions and answers (FAQs) related to

Should one take coaching for competitive exams or not?

If you are preparing for competitive exams and are able to join coaching, then you must join coaching.

What are the benefits of joining a coaching center?

If you join a coaching centre, you are provided with study material through the coaching institute which is very useful for your exam.

Essential things to prepare for competitive exam?

If you are preparing for competitive exam. Then you have to keep in mind the important things mentioned above. Only then you can be successful in your competitive exam.

Why should we solve previous year question papers?

If you solve previous year question papers, you will understand the pattern of the exam. You will also get an idea of ​​the type of questions asked in the paper.

How to prepare for competitive exams without coaching?

We have given some tips above to prepare for competitive exams without coaching. By following them carefully, you can pass the competitive exam even without coaching.

How to make a time table?

First of all you have to divide your subjects. And turn of each subject should come in one day. Keeping this in mind, you have to make a timetable.

How to make short notes?

Writing down things in brief in your own language after reading books is called short notes. These help you in revision during exams.


Today, in this article, we have given you complete information related to how to prepare for competitive exams. We have told you in what ways you can focus on preparing for your competitive exams? Also, students who are not able to take coaching.

We have also told some steps for them. With the help of which they can prepare for their competitive exam even while staying at home. If you are preparing for any competitive exam, then this article of ours must have given you complete information. If you liked this information given by us, then definitely tell us by writing in the comment box. Also do not forget to share this article with your friends.

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