How to prepare for competitive exams? Follow these tips

It is the time of examinations now. Whenever exams come, all the children speed up their studies. All the children have a dilemma in their mind that how should they study. So that they can get good marks in their competitive examinations and be successful. How can we prepare for the examinations and how can we perform well during the examinations. Children often do not know about it (Competitive exam ki tayari).

Through this article, we will give you information about how to prepare for competitive exams (Competitive exam ki tayari kaise kare). If you also want information on this subject, then read our article till now.

How to prepare for competitive exams?

Competitive exams are different from our normal exams. Not all students are successful in competitive exams. Only those students are successful who have worked hard in their exams. Those who are successful in competitive exams get employment opportunities. How can children prepare for competitive exams? Information about this is given below in the form of points.

Study according to the timetable:

It is very important to study according to the timetable. If you study according to the timetable, then you get an idea of ​​what you have to do at what time and how many topics to study on which day. Your timetable tells you how much time you have to study. And how much time you have to revise the things you have studied.

The time table is prepared by the student himself. Whenever you prepare a time table, always prepare it in a way that you can follow it practically. Time table is very important. That is why we should prepare it by giving time. And everything should be entered in it after a lot of thought and according to that time table, we should study with discipline. This is very important.

Use patterns:

During competitive exams, we should use our own pattern. This will make our studies better and we will be able to succeed in competitive exams. The notes we make for study or the books we get for study. It is not necessary that we have to follow the same pattern and study in this way. Children preparing for competitive exams should set their own pattern. Studying according to one’s own pattern makes it easier for the child to study.

And he can arrange his topic in an easy way, so make your own pattern and study according to your own convenience. If you listen to students who have cleared competitive exams, their advice is also the same. You should choose your own way of studying and not copy someone else’s method. Because everyone’s capacity is different, so everyone’s way of studying should also be different.

Divide the course into smaller parts:

If we see a large portion and have the pressure to memorize it, we may get scared. And we may wonder how we will remember so much. That is why we need to divide our topic into smaller parts.

To divide our course, first of all we should have knowledge about all the topics of our course. We should keep our entire syllabus in front of us. And after that we should pick up a topic from the syllabus and divide it into small pieces.

After dividing the topic, we should set in our time table that which part of the topic we have to study on which day and in how much time. The amount of time we are giving to our topic in our time table. We should follow our time table with this discipline. If we follow our time table with discipline. Then we will be able to complete our entire syllabus on time and perform well in our competitive exams.

Select the appropriate location :

The most important thing for studying is the place of study. We should choose a place for studying which is absolutely peaceful. Studying is like a penance. Just like sages and saints choose a peaceful place for penance, similarly we should choose a peaceful and empty place for studying.

Many times the children preparing for competitive exams have small houses. Due to which they are unable to find a peaceful or suitable place, so those children can go out of their house and find a suitable place and study there. We should choose such a place to study. Where there is complete lighting arrangement, that is, there is no darkness there and you can see everything clearly in your book. There should be complete peace there, no one should disturb you again and again. While studying, we should keep our phone away or use the phone only for studies.

Preparing for competitive exams without coaching

Nowadays it is the era of coaching (Bina coaching competitive exam ki tayari). 90% of the students preparing for competitive exams use coaching. Students believe that through coaching they get the right guidance and the right content. This increases their chances of performance in exams and it also becomes easier for them to prepare. But how can one prepare for competitive exams without coaching? Information about it is given below through points.

Strong self-confidence:

We need a lot of confidence while preparing for competitive exams. It is not necessary that we get success in competitive exams in the first attempt. We need to try many times. For that, it is very important to have confidence in your mind. If you have determination in your mind and you are not giving up on your defeat, then you are a very good candidate to succeed in your competitive exams.

Children preparing for competitive exams should have a firm belief in their mind that if not today then tomorrow they will definitely be able to achieve success in their exam. And they will definitely be able to clear the exam. It is only with this confidence that the child gets guidance to prepare well in the future.

Appropriate books related to the syllabus :

To prepare for competitive exams, we need a good guidance. If the guidance is in the right direction, then it becomes very easy to clear the exam. Therefore, the best guidance for the exam is its syllabus.

We should first read the syllabus of the exam for which you are preparing and select the books of our course according to that syllabus. If the book is according to the syllabus of the exam, then you will be able to clear the exam very easily by reading the books.

We should keep all the books related to the syllabus and other related content with us. We do not know which book we need at what time. We can easily remember our book when needed. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the right books.

Make a time table :

It is very important for children preparing for competitive exams to make a time table. Time tables are very helpful for children. Through the time table, children are able to give equal time to all their subjects and no topic or subject is missed. While making a time table, we should keep in mind that we should know about all our topics or every part of the syllabus, how much importance should we give to which topic and how much time should we give to it. We should have complete information about it.

We should make our timetable in a practical way so that we can follow it daily. If we follow our timetable with discipline, then all our topics will be completed properly and no topic will be left out. If any topic is left out, then we can cover it in the timetable according to our schedule. It is very important that the child follows his timetable with discipline and makes it very carefully.

Make your own notes:

In competitive exams, teachers advise children to prepare their own notes. In the self-made notes, the child writes all his topics well and clearly. He adds all the things he needs in those topics. Therefore, children should make their own notes. What else can the child do? Information about it has been given through points below.

  • While preparing the notice, we should always write our topic point wise. This makes it easier for us to understand our notice.
  • If we write our topic through mercury then which thing is written where. We will have to search for it which takes time.
  • If you have to make the notice yourself, you should always make it in very simple language. Notes are made so that you can understand them easily. So that you can revise them later. When you revise them later, you should understand that language easily.
  • Nowadays, in this age of technology, voice notes are also very important. You can listen to voice notes from your phone or laptop whenever you get time. This also helps you in good revision and makes it easier to study.
  • After making notes, it is necessary that you revise your topic once. If you have revised the topic properly, then there are no chances of making any mistake in it, hence revision is necessary. The topic which you have written in the note should be read properly once.

Questions and their answers related to the topic (FAQ)

Q. What should we do for competitive exams?

For competitive exams, you should make a time table, make notes and divide your course into smaller topics.

Q. How important is time table in exam?

If you follow the time table with discipline then none of your topics will be left out in the exams.

Q. What kind of book should we keep with us?

We should keep the book related to the syllabus with us.

Q. In what place should we sit and study?

We should always study while sitting in a quiet place.

conclusion :

Through this article, we have tried our best to give you information about how to prepare for competitive exams? (Competitive exam ki tayari). If you still have any questions in your mind, you can ask in the comment box by commenting. The information provided by our article is absolutely solid and accurate. If you like our article, then you must share it. Thank you for reading our article completely.

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