How to make a CV for a job?

Friends, you all know that wherever you talk about a job, first of all you are asked for a CV or resume, but many people do not know what is a CV? And how to make it? If you want to get a job and need a CV for that, then you do not need to worry because in this article, we have given you all detailed information related to what is the CV? How to make a CV for a job purpose? This article will prove to be very beneficial for all of you.

Friends, you have to be very serious while making a CV. You are appointed for any job only when your CV is good. There are many people who apply for jobs by making their useless CVs, but they do not get jobs, so this article is very important for all of them because in this article we have given you all detailed information about CV kya hota hai? Naukri ke liye CV kaise banaye? If you want to get more information related to this, then you have to read this article till the end.

What is the CV?

Now this question must have come in your mind that what is a CV? So here we are telling you all about what is the CV? in detail. Friends, the full form of CV is Curriculum vitae. It is completely a Latin word, which is known as Course of life in English. Under this, a summary of a person’s lifelong experience and skills is provided.

A CV provides more information about a person than a resume. It is usually seen that CVs are longer than resumes for entry level candidates. A CV is at least two or three pages long. This is because it contains more information. It contains information related to a person’s special academic and research background.

CV contains comprehensive information related to your educational background. This includes education experience, old job history, degree thesis, awards, publications, presentations and other achievements. Details about which are written in the CV. On the basis of this CV, any company provides you a job according to your qualification.

How to make a CV for job purposes?

As you all know that CV is a brief description of your tenure and all the achievements you have achieved so far to get a job under any company, but there are many people who do not know how to make a CV. Therefore, we have told you all in detail about How to make a CV for job purposes? in the article below-

Keep your CV short and clear

While making your CV, you must keep its length in mind. You must keep your CV clear and short. Under this, you will have to give a very good description of your achievements and skills. Because many recruitment companies do skill based search on job portals through online medium. If you have mentioned your relevant skills in your CV.

So you can get a job very quickly. It is important to keep the length of the CV short because companies select CVs that are crispier quickly, but remember that shortening any CV does not mean that you should not write your skills in it. You have to mention all your skills in your CV with a brief description.

Keep your CV looking good and attractive

If you want your CV to look different and stand out from all other CVs, then you must keep it clear and attractive. Whatever details you enter in your CV, it should be clear and unambiguous so that all your information can be read easily. Also, keep in mind that do not mention any unnecessary information in your CV to increase the impression.

Hundreds of CVs are checked by recruitment companies in a day. They are experts in checking CVs. Therefore, it is usually seen that companies evaluate a CV after looking at it for two-three seconds. If your CV does not look good and attractive, then companies will not pay much attention to it. Therefore, it is important for you to keep your CV good and attractive.

Keep new ideas first

When you prepare a CV before applying for a job, make sure to include the latest experience in your CV from the previous jobs you have held or the experiences you have gained. Keep your employment history in reverse chronological order. If you put the experiences from the very beginning of your career on your CV, your abilities may appear lacking because you are inexperienced at that time,

But if you write your most recent experiences in your CV, then your ability is revealed. Also, your first impression is good on other companies. If you have skipped some years in between and you were not doing anything in those years, then you do not have to skip them. You have to give the reason in it that what were you doing in those years? If you keep 10 years old achievements in your CV, then it can make your CV weak. Therefore, it is important that you have to keep new experiences in your CV.

Add Job related experiences

Companies that appoint a person for a job want to know about the achievements of that person. Therefore, you must write job-related experiences in your CV. Be sure to list your responsibilities against each position. Also, be sure to record your responsibilities, achievements and results. Clear all the results that you have achieved in your previous job.

In simple terms, when you used to work in a particular position in a company, you will have to tell what your responsibilities were while working in that position in that company? What did you achieve by being in that position? And what difference does your presence make in that company? So that the company in which you want to get a job can think about how their company can benefit from you?

Write about your personality

Friends, when someone gives you a job in his company, he will definitely want to know about your personality. He will want to know what type of person you are? Therefore, you have to enter complete information about your personality in your CV.

You have to tell how punctual you are and how conscientious you are. While writing in About Myself, you should not write anything false. Give correct and clear information in it because if you enter false information in it, then you may have to face embarrassment later. Write in About Myself only as you are.

Write about your old job

Friends, it is possible that you may lie about your achievements in your CV in order to prove yourself a good person, but you should never lie about your achievements related to your old job. Whatever you have achieved till date, you must write the truth about it in your CV.

For example, you claim that you have managed a project alone. Whereas you need a whole team for this work. If you do this, any company will catch your lie immediately. You can write many such lies in your CV, but you should not do this. This will give a very wrong impression of you.

Make more than one CV

Friends, you do not need to use the same type of CV every time you apply for a job. You should keep two or three versions of your CV. You should have a CV of the type of job you are applying for. Many companies use automated processes to shortlist CVs for the first time.

Under this, it is important that whenever you read the job details, you have to look for some important keywords in them. So that you can use these keywords in your CV while making your CV. If you use different keywords for each job, then the chances of your CV getting shortlisted increase. This will hopefully help you get a job quickly.

Never give more phone numbers

Friends, when you make a CV, you have to write your phone number under it. Keep in mind that you do not enter more than one phone number in your CV because the more phone numbers you enter in your CV, the greater are the chances of missing important messages. Therefore, you have to keep this confusion away.

You should only enter your phone number in your CV. So that the latest news related to your job can reach you as soon as possible and the company people also do not get confused as to which number they should send you important messages on? This is also an important thing to keep in mind while making a CV.

Pay attention to the font and color of the CV

You have to keep in mind that as important as your CV is, its font and colour are also equally important. If you use different types of fonts in your CV, then the person who sees your CV may face difficulty in reading it. That is why no person should use different colours and different fonts in his CV.

Don’t do spelling mistake
Friends, while making your CV, remember that whatever information you are giving, there should be no spelling mistakes in it because if there are spelling mistakes in your CV, then your CV will not be shortlisted and you will not be able to get a job in any company because if you make spelling mistakes in your CV, then your image will be that of an irresponsible candidate. At the same time, this act can also raise questions on your ability. Therefore, whenever you make a CV, check it once or twice. So that there are no spelling mistakes in your CV.

How to make a CV for a job? Related questions and answers (FAQs)

Q:- 1. What is a CV?

Ans:- 1. Friends, CV contains comprehensive information related to your education background. Which includes education experience, old job history, degree thesis, awards, presentations, presentations and other achievements. Your complete information is available under CV more than a resume. You need a CV to get a job in any company.

Q:- 2. What is the full form of CV?

Ans:- 2. Many of you would want to know the full form of CV. The full form of CV is Curriculum vitae. Which is a Latin word. Which means Course of life in English. That is, we can say that CV provides a summary of your lifetime experience and skills.

Q:- 3. Why is a CV required?

And:- 3. CV is very important in today’s time. It is a brief description of your entire life and your achievements till date, given to get a job in a company. When your CV is selected for providing a job for a post in a company, only then you are called for an interview.

Q:- 4. How to make a CV?

Ans:- 4. Now this question must be coming in your mind that how to make a CV? So let us tell you, to make a CV, you have to take care of various things, about which we have told you in detail above. If you make a CV, then keep all the things given above in mind. Only then will you be able to make a good and excellent CV.

Q:- 5. Can I apply for different jobs with the same CV?

Ans:- 5. No, you cannot apply for different jobs with the same CV. If you want to make CV for different jobs, then you have to make different CVs because for every job you have to describe your different skills in the CV. Therefore, you have to keep different things in mind to make different CVs for different jobs.

Q:- 6. What should a CV be like to get a job?

Ans:- 6. If you make a CV to get a job, then you need such a CV in which you record your experience and skills. Keep in mind that you do not have to make a long CV. Your CV should be short and crisp, but should be clear.

Q:- 7. How to use previous jobs in your CV?

Ans:- 7. If you work somewhere before applying for a new job, then it is necessary that you should write all the information related to your first job truthfully in your CV. Also, you should tell about whatever achievements and position you had in your previous job. This gives a good expression.

Conclusion:- Friends, today we have given you all the complete information related to CV under this article. In this article, we have given you detailed information about CV kya hota hai? Naukri ke liye CV kaise banaye? If any of you wants to get a CV made to get a job, then you all must have liked this complete information very much. Also, this information will prove to be very beneficial for all of you. We hope that you liked the information given by us. If you face any problem related to this information, then you can definitely tell us by writing in the comment section. Also, do not forget to share this information with as many people as possible.

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