How to learn communication skills? 13 best tips to improve communication skills

It is through talking that we express our thoughts and feelings to each other. We can share our knowledge and experience with each other only by talking. We all talk to many people in our daily lives. Which is called communication. But many people do not know what communication skills are? Every person communicates. But very few people know the right way to talk. If you want to know what is the right way to communicate. So in this article we have explained about How to learn communication skills?

Even though we talk to each other in any way at home. But in the outside world we have to learn the way of talking because through this we will be able to attract someone towards us. If you want to talk properly. You must read this article of ours because in this article we have given you complete information about how to learn communication skills? What are the tips of communication skills? Through which you can very easily get information about communication skills. To get this information, you must read this article till the end.

Tips for communication skills?

If you want to know some communication skills to talk outside, then today we have given you information about Tips for communication skills? If you want to get this information, then read all the points given below carefully-

Tone of voice

The tone of speaking is the most important. If you say everything in the same tone, it will sound very strange. So you have to pay a lot of attention to the tone of voice while talking, so that people can know your intention. At the same time, you can express your thoughts to people well. Your communication skills are known from the tone of your voice. Therefore, you should say everything in different tones.

If you want to understand this in simple language, then you should speak to a person with a different energy and flow. Along with that, polite words should be spoken in a polite tone. Your tone of speaking leaves an impression on other people.

Voice modulation

First of all you should know what is the voice modulation? Let us tell you that to make any of your talks brilliant and strong, if you maintain your voice in a slow, fast, up and down manner while talking, then this is called the ups and downs of the voice. In this way, more and more people will try to connect with you and will listen to you carefully. You will have to maintain your voice according to each topic. We have explained it by giving its example below-

For example:- If you are praising someone or want to praise them, then you should keep your voice a little louder. On the other hand, if there is a serious matter or you are sad, then keep your voice a little lower.

To make your communication skills very effective, you have to pay a lot of attention to the ups and downs of your voice. Because it plays a very important role in your communication skills.

Keep these things in mind as well

We have mentioned some important things below. It is very important to remember them, only then you will be able to influence another person with your words. Some important information is as follows-

  • Whenever you talk to another person, always keep a small smile on your face. So that the other person feels happy and excited while talking to you.
  • Always look into the eyes of the other person while talking. Also, you should talk to the other person with good facial expressions and confidence.
  • If you want to explain something to another person or want to give a speech, then you can use your hands and body posture. This makes a good impression on the other person.

Emphasize important words

If you are talking to someone or you have to talk to someone else on some important topic. Then you should speak with emphasis on important words, which means that you should keep your voice a little higher on important things. This will help the other person understand which important topic you want to talk about. Along with this, Emphasis important words play a very important role in your communication skills. For example, we have mentioned some important words below. Which are as follows-

  • There is a school holiday today.
  • I am going to drive a car today.
  • He is going home.

Among the words mentioned above, holiday, car and house are important words. You should especially emphasize on these words and say what you want to say. There can be other words like this too.

Speak with pause

Taking a pause while talking is also very important. As soon as you say something to another person, you should pause a little after finishing one of your sentences. This will make it easier for the other person to understand what you are saying. Also, you will be able to think about what you want to say before saying the next thing. Speaking with pauses is part of our communication skills. You do not have to pause for a long time. You should only pause for 3 to 5 seconds. And then resume your speech. Also, your pause should look very natural. It should not look like you are pausing to show off.

Be a good listener

We are telling you about communication skills here. You cannot talk to someone effectively unless you listen to the other person properly. Therefore, along with being a good speaker, you should also be a good listener. Sometimes it happens that we start speaking our mind without listening to the other person. Due to which your impression on the other person is very bad. In such a situation, the other person avoids talking to you and starts ignoring your words. Therefore, you should learn to listen to others before speaking your mind.

Also keep this in mind, when you are listening to the other person, you have to take interest while listening to him. So that the other person can tell you everything openly. He should not feel that you are only listening to him superficially to avoid him. Only then will people be able to connect with you. When you speak, understand what the other person wants to talk to you about. After this, you can put your point in front of him. This will improve your communication skills. Also, people will like to be with you.

Don’t show off your knowledge

No matter how much knowledge you have, do not show it off in front of people because people will feel that you are trying to belittle them. Which affects your image. Also, people will think that you are very arrogant. That is why you should not show off your knowledge at all. If you want to present your thoughts and your knowledge in front of people, then present it in the right manner without any arrogance. If your point is based on a correct topic and has some substance, then people will definitely listen to you and will also be impressed by your words and will support you in your work.

Ask the question during conversation

If you are just going to meet someone and want to make a good relationship with him. Then you can ask him many questions. Like what is your favorite dish? What do you like to do? Which color do you like? Also what is your passion. All these questions will impress you in front of the other person because this will make the other person feel that you want to know about him. Do not ask any investigation type questions to any other person. This can spoil your conversation. But if you ask some good things related to him. Then he will definitely be impressed by you and will try to talk to you.

Don’t talk pointless or senseless

When you are talking to someone, you should talk about only that which is going on between you. Do not talk about unnecessary things. This can create problems in the relationship between you and the person in front of you. If you talk about unnecessary things, then people will avoid talking to you and will also start avoiding your talks. Explain in simple language. So you have to talk only about those things which can attract your attention.

If you only talk about work with people, then people will feel that you are a serious person who knows how to solve people’s problems after listening to them. Also, you do not ignore their words by talking about unnecessary things. This tip will make your communication skills even better. Therefore, you should focus only on the main issue.

Don’t argue to others

If you are talking to the person on any topic and he is adamant on his point of view, then you should be wise and do not argue with him. If you feel that you will not get any benefit by talking to this person, then you should remain silent there. Sometimes it happens that it becomes necessary for you to speak. Then you can put forward your point by listening to the other person carefully. This plays the most important role in your communication skill because you should always avoid arguing and fighting with people. If you fight or argue with the person in front of you, then it has a negative impact on your image.

Talk according to the other person’s mood

If the person you want to talk to or are talking to is happy, then you should bring a smile on your face and if the person in front of you is sad, then you should meet that person with a feeling of sympathy. Similarly, you should talk according to the mood of the person in front, so that people like you and share their things with you. Give courage to people to come out of their bad situations. This quality enhances your communication skill even more. Therefore, you should always talk after looking at the surrounding environment and the mood of the person in front.

Use clear words

You should use your words in such a way that the person in front of you can understand what you are saying correctly. What I mean to say is that you should speak clearly from your mouth and talk to the other person in a determined voice so that the person can understand your entire point well. If you say something in a hurry or very slowly then the other person will not be able to understand your point correctly. That is why it is important that you use clear words and say whatever you want to say in clear words.


If you are afraid while talking to others or hesitate while putting your point in front of others, then you will have to practice again and again to remove this habit. For this, you can stand in front of a mirror and talk. This will enable you to talk in front of others. Also, if you do not want to practice standing in front of a mirror, then you can also practice your communication skills with the help of video or audio recording. In this way, you will also know where you get stuck. Communication skills are an important part of your confidence.

How to learn communication skills? Related questions and answers (FAQs)

Q:-1. What are communication skills?

Ans:-1. When you freely express your thoughts, feelings and ideas in front of others. At the same time, you listen to their words carefully. Then this is called communication skills.

Q:- 2. How to learn communication skills

Ans:-2. To learn communication skills, you have to bring confidence in yourself. Along with this, we have given you some tips above. Through which you can be able to learn communication skills.

Q:- 3. How to practice to learn communication skills?

Ans:-3. To learn communication skills, you can practice by standing in front of a mirror. You can also take the help of video recording and audio recording.

Q:- 4. Why are communication skills important?

Ans:-4. Your tone of speaking should be good. This is important so that your image can be impressed in front of people. At the same time, people should be eager to talk to you.

Q:-5. Why are communication skills required?

Communication skills are required so that you can present your views in the right manner to people and listen to others properly.


Today in this article, we have given you information about communication skills kaise sikhe? and communication skills ke liye tips? Through which you can learn about communication skills very easily. If you did not know about it. So surely your problem must have been solved by reading this article. We hope that you must have liked this article given by us. If you liked this article given by us, then definitely tell us by writing in the comment box. Also do not forget to share this article with your friends and needy relatives.

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