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It is every student’s dream to become a topper in studies. From school to college and from college to competitive exams, every student wants to become a topper. Every student wants to top and bring glory to himself and his parents. Also, bring glory to his teachers in school or college etc. Becoming a topper is not a big deal. But to become a topper, it is very important for you to have consistency. Without this, you will fail to become a topper in anything.

You must have seen toppers in your school many times. It is possible that you are the topper. But it is difficult to say that a person will always be a topper because everyone’s motivation wavers somewhere. You can be motivated only by your own desire so that you can reach your aim. Along with this, keep one more thing in mind. It is not necessary that the one who is a topper in school and college time remains a topper in competitive exams as well.

Most of the people who study in school and college are not able to be toppers. At that time, they are not able to study carefully. The same people later top the competitive exams. If you also want to become a topper and what should you do to become a topper. If you are not getting any suggestion related to this, then we will give you some tips. With the help of which you can be able to become a topper. If you follow these things of ours with hard work and honesty, then let’s know –

How to become a topper

No work is small or big. If the guidance is good then even a difficult task can be made easy. For example, if a student gets a person to guide him in the right direction, then he can make his life successful by working hard in studies. For example, today in this article, we have told you how to become a topper? Tell us some of the best ways to do so. By following which you can definitely top your studies.

Why did you become a topper

Why did you become a topper

It is not necessary to become a topper. But by becoming a topper you become the famous student of the whole class. And at the same time you are looked upon with great respect. If you top your school then your teachers’ name shines. And if you top the competitive exams then along with yourself you also shine the name of your parents. Your parents like to see you at such heights from where your future is better.

But you will not be able to see that happiness on your parents’ faces by passing normal. As soon as you top, your parents’ faces light up with happiness. Does being a topper mean that you are very intelligent and you are different from other students? It is not so. Being a topper does not mean that you are different from other students. You have just worked hard.

You do not need to work day and night to fulfill your dreams. Just learn to focus on your work. You have a desire to become a topper in your heart for the happiness of your parents. We hope that the tips given by us will definitely be useful for you.

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The biggest secret of becoming a topper

You must be wondering how children become toppers? First of all, it is very important to have consistency in you. If we talk about toppers, they live two lives. They keep their personal life and study life in separate parts. They never let their personal life affect their study life. They try to understand things instead of memorizing them.

The most special thing about a topper student is that he is not affected by any distraction while studying. The biggest secret of becoming a topper is that the student knows how to control his mind. Until you learn to control your mind, you cannot concentrate on anything. Apart from this, he also enjoys his personal life. Therefore, he is mentally and physically strong.

Tips to become a topper

Tips to become a topper

Becoming a topper is not a big deal. You can also become a topper. If you work very hard to become a topper but still are unable to become one and there are many competitors in your school or college, then it is possible that you are making some mistakes which you are not able to see.

So you have to find your mistakes. At the same time, you have to do something different from your competitors. If you do not understand what to do, then we have given you some tips below. With their help, you will be successful in finding your mistakes and doing something different from your competitors.

Make a time table

The most important thing to become a topper is that you have to make a time table. A time table which you have to follow daily. According to this, you have to divide all the timings of your daily routine. What you have to do after waking up early in the morning. And for how much time you have to study at night. You have to mention all this in your time table. Setting a time table means that you give particular time to each of your subjects.

You will know how many hours you have to study a subject. With this time table, you can give equal time to each subject. Along with this, you can also divide the time for eating, watching TV and playing etc. To get the best marks in any exam, the first thing to do is to set a time table. Because without this you cannot become a topper. No one becomes a topper without studying.

And to become a topper, you do not need to study day and night. You can just continue your studies according to the timetable. But you have to study with complete honesty. You have to study in a systematic way. So that you can get ahead of your competitors. And give yourself a different identity.

Attend your classes regularly

If you look at the topper students, you will never find their work incomplete because they attend their classes regularly. If you also want to become a topper, learn to keep your work complete and attend your classes regularly. Instead of memorizing facts, try to understand them. And whatever you are not able to understand, ask your teacher again and again because without understanding, you can never become a topper.

You can follow all these things only when you attend your classes regularly. Therefore, the second tip given to you is that you should attend your classes regularly. Continuity is very important for studies. You can get many benefits by attending your classes regularly. For example, if you attend classes, you will be aware of all the activities happening in your school. Along with this, you will get regular information about what you have to study in your subject and how to study.

Apart from this, you can talk to your competitors. You can find out their strategy. Along with this, you can add some more points to your strategy. You will get these benefits only by attending classes daily. Otherwise, you will miss such things. Which can help you to become a topper.

Make notes to study

If you want to become a topper and you use books to study and are unable to make notes, then don’t do this. It is not possible to study from the entire book. For this, you will have to make short notes. Along with this, you will have to pay attention to important things. There are many question banks and mock papers available in the market which help you in your studies. These mock papers and question banks are available in the market 4 months before your exam.

A lot of questions come in your exam from mock papers. The child who goes to give exams after studying from these mock papers and question bank, easily gets 30 to 60% marks. But is unable to top. You are studying from the beginning. So with the help of your notes and mock papers, you are able to top. Make your short notes with the help of books. Which will help you in revision. After studying from the book, note down the important points in your notes. And revise these notes at the time of exam. With the help of all this, your preparation will be very good. Along with this, try writing things down.

Because whatever we write, it gets written somewhere in our mind. By writing, you can practice your writing. The topic that you memorize by writing, stays in your memory for a long time. Therefore, make your own notes so that your preparation becomes even better.

Understand the basics of all subjects

Understand the basics of all subjects

To become a topper, you have to study all the subjects. All subjects have to be given equal importance. And now they have to be divided in equal time. Every subject has its own basic. You have to prepare that basic well. So that you will be able to understand all the topics of that subject well in future. You have to make your preparation best. While giving the exam, you should not see a single question in your question paper whose answer you do not know. If it happens that you do not know the answer to any question in the exam.

So this means that you do not have a good grip on the basics of that subject. To have a good grip on that subject, you will have to prepare its basics very well. Direct questions never come in the exam paper. Many times the questions are given in a twisted manner in the exam. Due to which students get confused. If you have prepared your basics well. Then you will not have this confusion. You will be able to answer that question.

Do regular practice and revision

This is the last and most important tip to become a topper. Because whatever you study, or rather the notes you have made yourself, it is very important for you to revise them. Without revision, you will not be able to remember them. You will have to revise every topic again and again. This habit of yours will help a lot during exam time. Without revision, you will be able to remember a topic for a few days. But after a few days you will forget it.

This is a natural thing, it happens with every person. But to remember something, you have to revise it again and again. Which is very important. By revising, you will be able to remember those things which are important for a longer time. Because many times before the exams you are preparing for your subjects. So it is also your responsibility to remember all of them.

You can remember the topics of all your subjects only through revision. So that you all become familiar with those topics. And during exam time you only have to study those topics. This is the key of topper, because of this children like you top.

How to Become a Topper FAQs

What to do to become a topper?

To become a topper, you will have to make a time table and study regularly.

How many hours do I need to study to become a topper?

To become a topper, you will have to study at least 10 to 12 hours.

What to do if you don’t feel like studying?

If you are not feeling like studying then take a break from studies and go for a walk somewhere. This will freshen your mind.

How to concentrate your mind for studies?

Try to keep your mind calm. If your mind is calm then you can definitely concentrate on your studies.


Today we have tried to answer the questions arising in the minds of many students. Every student has this question somewhere in his mind. How to become a topper? So we hope. The information given by us will arouse more curiosity towards studying in the mind of every child.

Those who want to become a topper. And will remove the shortcomings of not becoming a topper. You can be able to become a topper by using these tips. If you liked the information given by us. So do tell us in the comment box. And do share this post with your friends.

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