How to become a Judge

There are many courts in our country like High Court, Supreme Court in which the judge is an important part of the court. The judge is that person in the court who, if makes even a slight mistake in taking a decision, can give severe punishment to any innocent person, that is why the post of judge is the most honorable and dignified post which is very difficult to get. But still, if hard work and dedication is done in the right direction, then any person can be appointed as a judge in the High Court. For this, the candidate has to study law.

If your dream is also to become a judge in the future and provide true justice to the people, then today through this blog post, we will tell you what is a judge? What qualifications are required to become a judge? And we will provide detailed information about the entire process of becoming a judge. That is why you have to read this blog post of our website till the end without leaving the post, so without taking much of your time, let’s start-

Who is the judge

A judge is an important part of the Indian judicial system and is also called the head of the court. The judge decides whether a decision taken by the government or an action taken by a citizen is right or wrong. The main job of a judge is to listen to the actions taken by the people and punish the culprit keeping in mind all the evidence and witnesses. In a way, the decision taken by the judge is considered to be true.

From this you can guess how high the post of a judge is considered. Those who practice law to become a judge cannot directly take up the post of a judge in the High Court, for this they have to go through a complex and very difficult process. If you also want to contribute to the judicial system in the country by becoming a judge, then below we have given you information about the entire process of becoming a judge.

Qualifications to become a Judge

Candidates who dream of becoming a judge must have this question in their mind that what are the qualifications to become a judge? If you also have this question in your mind then you do not need to worry, below we have told about all the qualifications required to become a judge-

  • To become a judge in any court, the candidate must be an Indian citizen.
  • If your dream is to become a judge then you have to complete your graduation degree with law.
  • To become a judge, your minimum age should be 21 years and maximum age should be 35 years, candidates above 35 years of age are not considered eligible for the post of judge.
  • Not only this, to become a judge it is very important for you to have 7 years of experience in practicing law.

How did a judge become a judge

How did a judge become a judge

Candidates who want to get a job as a judge must first study law after passing their 12th class, for which you will have to do LLB course. After doing LLB, you can apply in the examinations conducted to become a judge. The examination is conducted by every state government under the Judicial Service Commission.

This exam is conducted in two phases and in the third phase the candidate has to pass an interview. In the first phase of the exam, many multiple choice questions related to general knowledge are asked and in the second phase, along with general knowledge, questions are asked from subjects like Subjective Law, Procedure and Advanced Law. It is a little difficult to pass this exam. But if the candidate passes this exam, he can fulfill his dream of becoming a judge.

After successfully passing the exam, the candidate has to go through an interview in which the person’s ability to take decisions and understand things and answer them is assessed. The person who succeeds in both the interview and the exam can be appointed as a judge in any court.

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Exam Pattern for becoming a Judge

To become a judge, candidates have to pass two main exams followed by an interview and then a medical test. Based on these stages and the performance of the candidate, he is appointed as a judge in any court.

First Exam

To become a judge, every candidate has to appear in the competitive examination conducted by the Public Service Commission under the Judicial Service Commission. In which objective type questions related to general knowledge and advocacy are asked. Only after passing this, the candidate is invited for the examination to be held in the second stage.

Second Exam

In the second stage, a variety of questions are asked from the candidate for 900 marks, which include questions related to general knowledge, language and advocacy. Therefore, while preparing for the exam, the candidate has to pay more attention to the subjects of general knowledge, other languages ​​and advocacy. After passing this exam, the candidate can appear in the interview.


After performing well in both the examinations of the Judicial Service Commission, the candidate is called for an interview. In this interview, the candidate’s abilities, decision-making skills and thinking ability are assessed. In this, many types of small questions are asked and after listening to them completely, only the candidate who answers them correctly becomes a judge.

Judge’s salary

Citizens working as judges in the Indian judiciary are paid salaries based on the grade. Junior rank judges are paid ₹40000 per month and experienced and senior rank judges are paid up to ₹80000 per month. And if you are appointed as a judge in the Supreme Court of India, you will be entitled to a salary of 200000 per month. With increasing experience, your salary can go up to 2.5 lakh rupees.

FAQs on How to become a Judge

Who is called a judge?

The person who examines the right or wrong of the decisions taken by the government and the general public and hears them is called a judge, who is an officer of the court.

Is age relaxation provided to reserved category candidates for the post of Judge?

No, there is no relaxation for the candidates of any category for the post of Judge. The same age limit has been fixed for all the categories for the post of Judge which is minimum 21 years and maximum 35 years.

Can the judiciary give a verdict against the government?

The judiciary has been kept completely independent, hence the judiciary has the right to give verdict against the wrong actions done by the government.

Which course must be done to become a judge?

To become a judge, you will have to do law i.e. LLB course which you can do from any recognized university.


The post of a judge who dispenses justice in the court is considered higher than other government posts. That is why every candidate works hard to achieve it. But due to lack of proper guidance, many candidates are unable to achieve their goal. That is why today through this blog post, we have told you the complete process of how to become a judge? By reading about which you will be able to know how you too can become a judge?

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