How to become a clerk | Qualification, eligibility and salary

Nowadays everyone wants to do a government job. Many people dream of doing a government job even after doing 10th and 12th. Also, becoming a clerk is the dream of millions of people. In the olden days, people used to work very hard for this post and worked on this post for a long time. In today’s time, the desire for this post has reduced a bit. But even today, countless people want to become clerks. If you are also one of them. So today we will tell you how to become a clerk? How to prepare? Know all the information in Hindi.

Every person dreams of doing a government job. Be it a clerk’s job or any other post. Getting a government job has become very difficult in today’s time. That’s why many people are not able to get a job in any post even after working hard. If you want to become a clerk. And want to get complete information related to it. So today in this article we will give complete information about Clerk Kaise Bane? How to prepare? Qualification, salary etc. For more information, read this article till the end.

Who is a clerk

Who is a clerk

Before getting complete information about the clerk, you need to know who is a clerk? Let us tell you that clerks come under the third class employees. Who can also be called clerks. Their job is a desk job.

Nowadays you get to see the posts of clerks in both the government sector and the private sector. Nowadays people prefer to know how to become a clerk in a bank or railway rather than wanting to become a clerk in any sector. Because in today’s era people prefer to work in banks and railways. All the things to become a clerk are told to you below.

How to become a clerk in a bank

If you want to become a clerk in a bank, then the best way for this is through online medium. You can apply for a bank clerk job from home through online medium. Every year, thousands of PO and Clerk recruitments are released by IBPS.

In which you are able to apply after meeting all the eligibility criteria given below. But this question must have come to your mind that how will we know that the recruitment of bank clerk has been released? So for this you have to visit the newspaper or its official website and you can also get information about it through the employment newspaper.

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Selection process of Bank Clerk

If you want to become a bank clerk, then thousands of recruitments are made every year by IBPS. If you want to become a bank clerk, then you have to go through three stages. Only after passing them, you can work on the post of a bank clerk. But if you want to pass these three stages, then you will have to work hard. Only then can you get the post of a bank clerk. These three stages are as follows-

  • Preliminary exam
  • Main exam
  • Interview

You will have to work hard to pass the above mentioned stages. We have given detailed information about these three stages below.

Preliminary Exam

This is the first stage of becoming a clerk. In this, candidates have to work very hard. Because the next 2 stages are based on this. The preliminary examination is of 100 marks. You are given 1 hour to complete it. Also, there is a provision of negative marking in this exam.

That is, if you answer any question incorrectly, then the marks of your correct answer are deducted. There are 3 papers in this exam, which are of English language, numerical ability and reasoning ability. It is very important for you to pass the preliminary exam because only after this you are eligible for the next two stages. In this exam, multiple choice questions are asked from you.

Main Exam

As soon as you clear the preliminary exam, you become eligible to appear for the main exam. The main exam is usually of 200 marks. In this, you are given 3 hours to solve the paper. Under this, there is a provision of normal negative marking in the preliminary exam.

The main exam consists of papers on general awareness, general English, reasoning ability, computer aptitude, general aptitude. Along with this, you should also have a good grip on current affairs. This is a written exam. It is very important to pass it. You will have to work very hard to pass it. And you will have to study the given topic carefully. As soon as you pass it, you are called for an interview.


When you clear the main exam, you are then called for an interview. Here you have to give your interview in front of a panel. In which you are awarded marks based on your skills and performance. In this, you are also asked questions related to current affairs. Along with this, your personality is also tested.

When you pass both the stages completely, a merit list is prepared on the basis of marks. If you come in that merit list, then you are selected for the post of clerk. After this, you are sent for training. After the training is over, you can remain employed as a clerk for a long time.

Eligibility to become a Clerk in a Bank

If you want to talk about what qualifications you need to become a bank clerk. Then we will tell you which qualifications will be necessary. Through which you are able to apply to become a bank clerk. These qualifications are as follows-

Age limit to become a Clerk in a Bank

There is an age related qualification set by the government for working as a bank clerk. It is explained in detail below.

  • The minimum age to become a clerk in a bank is 20 years and the maximum age is 28 years. But there is a provision to give relaxation in this age limit to some reserved categories.
  • People falling under OBC i.e. backward class are given age relaxation of 3 years more than the normal age of the bank clerk.
  • The minimum age of us Indians coming under ST/SC i.e. Scheduled Tribe but Scheduled Caste has been kept at 20 years and maximum age at 33 years.
  • If a student is handicapped and wants to apply for the post of bank clerk, then the maximum age for him is kept up to 38 years.

Educational eligibility to become a Clerk in a Bank

Educational eligibility to become a Clerk in a Bank

To apply to become a bank clerk, it is very important for you to have the educational qualification. Because if you fulfill these qualifications. Only then you are able to apply for a bank clerk. Let us know what are the educational qualifications required to become a bank clerk. These qualifications are as follows-

  • The person who wants to apply for Bank Clerk must have a graduation degree from a recognized university.
  • The candidate applying from the state, must have good experience of the local language and English of that state.
  • It is mandatory to have good knowledge of computer.

Salary of a Bank clerk

Any person does a job for a good salary. If you want to become a bank clerk, then you would also want to know the salary of a bank clerk.

Today we will tell you here how much salary is given to a bank clerk by IBPS. The minimum salary of a bank clerk has been fixed at ₹ 11565. Also, the maximum salary is fixed at ₹ 31540. This salary is also increased every year by IBPS. With this salary, you can run your house well.

How to become a Railway Clerk

If you want to become a railway clerk instead of a bank clerk, then for this you must have a graduation degree. In the railway clerk exam, questions are asked from 5 subjects, general intelligence, reasoning ability, arithmetic and general science.

Along with this, you must have a good grip on current affairs. If you want to become a railway clerk and want to pass its exam, then you should study these topics very well and pass the exam. Only then can you become a railway clerk.

Exam pattern of railway clerk exam

Talking about the pattern of Railway Clerk exam, this pattern has been changed last year only. Now there is CBT i.e. Computer Based Test. In which objective type questions are asked from you. In this exam also, the provision of general negative marking of Bank Clerk exam has been kept.

Therefore, you have to take care that you do not give wrong answer to any question. If you do so, then the marks of your correct answer are deducted. If you do not know the answer of any question, then you can leave it. This will not deduct the marks of your correct answer.

Age related eligibility for railway clerk

Friends, age related qualifications have been kept for railway clerk. But RRB keeps changing the age related qualifications as per its requirement. If we talk about the present, then at present the minimum age for railway clerk is 18 years and maximum age is 30 years. Also, under this, there is a provision of relaxation in age limit for candidates coming in reserved categories. Which is as follows-

  • OBC/ Backward Class- 3 years age relaxation.
  • SC/ST Category :- 5 Years Age Relaxation.
  • Disabled :- 10 years age relaxation.

How are recruitments done in government departments

After getting complete information, you will definitely not feel like it. After all, how is the recruitment done for the post of clerk in government departments? Let us tell you that the post of clerk is found in all government departments like:- Bank, Railway and Army etc. And the work of issuing recruitment for these posts is done by different organizations. If we talk about government departments. So in most of the states, the post of clerk is issued by the Staff Selection Commission. It is also called as SSC.

Who conducts the clerk exam for banks? This work is done by the Institute of Banking Personal Selection i.e. IBPS. Apart from this, the recruitment of clerks in railways is done by RRB i.e. Railway Recruitment Board. In this way, different organizations do different recruitment work.

These organizations ask for applications both online and offline. The advertisement for the application is given on the official website or through the newspaper. For this, different educational qualifications and age related qualifications are given.

How to prepare to become a Clerk

How to prepare to become a Clerk

Now we will tell you how you can work hard to get the post of clerk. We have highlighted some important points below. Let’s see what those important points are.

1- If you want to work in the post of clerk. Then it is mandatory for you to do any course related to computer. You can do a 6-month certificate course for this. This is enough for the post of clerk.

2- You have to improve your typing skills on the computer. Also, you have to build up the ability to type more in less time. For this, you can go to a private institute and prepare for it. Because there you will practice this thing. Which will increase your speed.

3- Current affairs need to be strengthened. For which you need to read English and Hindi newspapers daily. Apart from this, you can keep an eye on the daily events with the help of TV or news websites.

4- Reasoning ability has to be increased. You can do this only through practice. You can solve reasoning questions with the help of an old model paper or book. With the help of this, you can improve your reasoning ability.

5- If you want to prepare even better, you can join any coaching institute that prepares you for bank and railway clerk exams. This will help you a lot in getting skill training.

6- Before preparing for the exam, you will have to know the exam pattern. Do not bring any kind of confusion in your mind and prepare by making your strategy.

7- You can take suggestions from any person who has cleared the exam. He can give you some good tips.

Work of Clerk

We have given all the information about the clerk above. But you also need to know what a clerk does? So below we have explained through points what is the work of a clerk.

  • Any clerk is appointed as LDC i.e. Lower Division Clerk. In this, you have to do the work of computer, typing and maintenance etc.
  • A clerk has to assist in office management, data entry and maintenance of records etc. as per demand.
  • The role of Lower Division Clerk is very important in the office operations of any department, organization or institution.

How to become a clerk? Questions and answers related to this (FAQs)

Q. Who is a clerk

Ans:- Clerk comes under the third class employees. Which is called clerk. This is a desk job. The post of clerk is there in every government department.

Q:- What are the duties of a clerk

Ans:- In government departments, the work of computer typing, maintenance of file documents and record keeping is done by the clerk.

Q:- How to become a clerk

Ans:- You can be able to become a clerk by passing the clerk exam based on the qualifications and documents given by SSC.

Q:- How to apply to become a clerk

Ans:- To become a clerk, you can apply both online and offline. And you can find out about it from the official website.

Q:- How is the clerk exam conducted

Ans:- Clerk’s exam is completed in three stages. Preliminary exam, main exam and interview, after this you are given the post of clerk.

Q:- What is the salary of a clerk

Ans:- Talking about the average salary of a clerk of all government departments, initially a clerk is given a salary of ₹ 10000 to ₹ 20000 per month.

Q:- How to prepare to become a clerk

We have given information about this above. And have highlighted some important points. With this you can easily prepare to become a clerk.


Today in this article we have provided you complete information related to how to become a clerk. Even today there are innumerable people who want to become a clerk. So today for those people we have written this post on how to become a clerk.

In this article, we have provided complete information about how to prepare for clerk? Eligibility, salary etc. Hope you liked the information given by us. If you liked this information given by us, then do tell us by writing in the comment box. Also do not forget to share this article with your friends.

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