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Every student studies from Science side, Arts side and Commerce side to achieve a higher position in their future. Most of the students who study from Commerce side dream of becoming a CA i.e. Chartered Accountant.

But what does one have to do to become a CA? This question roams in the mind of every student who wants to make a career in the finance sector after graduating in commerce. If you also want to become a CA, then you have to work hard and try with the right information.

If you are a commerce student and want to work as a CA in the finance sector, then this article of ours is going to prove very important and useful for you. Because here we will provide you detailed information about how to become a CA? What qualifications are required to become a CA? etc.

What is a CA

What is a CA

Before knowing how to become a CA, it is very important for you to know what is a CA? And what is its work? A CA is a financial advisor who advises people on their business account, finance and tax related problems. The full form of CA is Chartered Accountant. Its main work is to understand financial accounts and manage them.

In today’s time, the demand for CA has increased a lot because every company requires a CA, and after becoming a CA, you can also work as a financial advisor. In which along with a good salary, you also get a lot of respect.

Students who have done 12th class or graduation in commerce can easily get this post by giving the exam for it. But the exam that has to be given to become a CA is very difficult, for which it is very important to have the right information related to becoming a CA along with smart thinking and hard work.

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How to become a CA

To become a CA, after passing 12th class, you can appear in the Foundation Examination which is conducted twice in a year. To appear in this exam, you have to register yourself in CPT and IPCC under the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. Remember, you have to register yourself 10 months before the exam. This exam is conducted in 4 stages.

Which you have to pass with at least 50% marks. After which you have to take admission in Chartered Accountant (CA) course. Which is a 4-year course in which 60% is required, after that after 6 months of articleship training you have to give an interview. If you successfully cross the interview then you can work as a chartered accountant in a multinational company.

What jobs can I do after becoming a CA

If you clear the exam and do not get this job then you can easily get the following jobs mentioned below like-

  • Finance Accounts
  • Finance Manager in Tax Department
  • financial controller
  • Accounts Manager
  • Auditing/Internal Auditing
  • Managing director
  • CEO
  • Finance Director
  • financial business analyst
  • Chairman including Special Audits
  • Chief Accountant, Chief Internal Auditor

Qualification to become a CA

To become a CA, you must have many qualifications. If you want to know about those qualifications, then you have to read the points given below carefully-

  • To work as a CA, you must first pass 10th and 12th from Science, Arts or Commerce.
  • To become a CA, you will have to give CPT EXAM which is also called entry level, for which no percentage has been fixed.
  • After CPT, the candidate will have to do IPCC & FC course, after that he can apply for ICAI Membership and work as a member after turning in.

How to prepare for CA

How to prepare for CA

To become a CA, it is most important that you prepare for it in a better way. If you do not know how to prepare to become a CA, then you do not need to worry, just read the information given below carefully.

Clear the Foundation Exam –

To become a CA, first you have to register for the foundation course exam which is called CPT. You can apply for it in class 10th but you can give the test only after class 12th. It has 4 papers and in each paper questions are asked related to accounting, mercantile laws, business economics, general English, etc. To become a CA, you have to score a total of 50% or more marks in the foundation course, only then you will be able to clear the foundation exam.

Clear the Intermediate Exam-

After clearing the CA Foundation exam, you will have to register yourself for the IPCC exam. Apart from this, if you have obtained a bachelor’s degree in commerce stream or any other subject with 60% marks, then you can apply directly for the intermediate course without clearing the CA Foundation exam.

Register for the training-

Along with applying for the intermediate exam, you will have to register for practical training for 3 years for the police staff in which you will have to undergo practical training for at least 9 months. For which you will have to give 8 exams separately in two groups. The total percentage of marks obtained in all these exams should be 50% or more.

Apply for Articleship –

You have to undergo training for 3 years by following the stages mentioned above. After this, you can apply for the CA final exam but before that you have to pass the AICITSS exam, only after which you will be able to apply for the final exam.

Clear the CA Final Exam –

The most difficult and tough step to become a CA is the final exam, if you clear it, you can start working as a CA by registering yourself in ICSI company and can easily earn a good salary by working as a CA in any international or multinational company.

Benefits of becoming a CA

Benefits of becoming a CA

As difficult it is to get the post of CA, the more are the benefits of it. A person working as a CA gets the following benefits such as-

  • This is a post which requires going through many exams to be achieved. People who pass these exams easily get a job as a Chartered Accountant in multinational companies in Pune.
  • CA gets the opportunity of many types of accounting jobs not only in the country but also abroad.
  • There is a courier option where there is a huge requirement of people, hence it is very easy to get a job in this sector.
  • The person working as a CA on the same government post gets a house to live in, car, peon etc.


The position of a CA is a very responsible position in which you need to work continuously for about 9 to 10 hours. But attractive salary is also provided in this. A junior CA gets a salary of ₹ 15000 to ₹ 30000 per month, while a senior level CA gets a salary of 40 to 50 thousand. Which reaches ₹ 70000 to ₹ 80000 per month as the experience increases.

FAQs On How to become a CA

Which exam should I take to become a CA?

To become a CA, you have to appear for CPT and IPCC exams after passing your 12th class. If you have not appeared in the CPT exam, then you can easily appear in the CPTC exam after completing your graduation.

What is the work of a CA?

The main work of a CA is to prepare financial accounts and to do all the work related to tax, that is, you can say that all the work related to tax comes under CA.

How many years is the CA course?

The CA course is of 5 years duration in which you have to go through five stages namely Foundation, Intermediate, Articleship and Final in which you have to score more than 60% marks in the examination with hard work and dedication.

What is the full form of CA?

The full form of CA is Chartered Accountant which is a kind of professional course in which information about financial accounting is given.


To make a career in any sector, it is very important to have the right information about that sector along with hard work and dedication. There are many people among us who want to become a CA in the future and the question in their mind is how to become a CA?

Today, through this article, we have provided the answer to this question in detail. If you still have any questions in your mind, you can ask by commenting in the comment section below.

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